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Lauren Jauregui. That's a name the world recognize. She's successful, charming, and intelligent. Lauren has started her career when she's 16, appearing in small gigs near her town. One day, she's sign to one of the most largest music company has ever known, Big Machine Records. Since then, she has been phenomenal and her biggest highlights of all her journey is performing at MSG for her second album

Today Lauren is sitting down on her house, trying to come up with the last song for her upcoming third album. She has done 16 of them and yet she still hasn't come up for the 17th. She's frustrated because she feels like she got nothing for her last song. She wants her album to be perfect for her fans and family. But if this one song is not perfect enough, her hopes and dreams are gone. She refuse to buy songs from another artist because she wants to work hard on this album.

"Still hasn't come up yet with another idea Laur?" Her best friend, Normani, ask through skype. Normani's in college and since she has a time off, she decided to skype Lauren

"No" Lauren said shortly and sigh while she drinks another Martell she got from her uncle

"You need to go out and have fun. Or tell me what you're feeling right now" Normani said

"I feel like shit. I mean i just break up with my ex and suddenly i can't write anything about her. I'll probably cry on stage again like that last time on Vancouver" Lauren sigh

"Well you always write songs in a different perspective. Try something with that little brain of yours" Normani said

"What about you?" Lauren ask

"What about me?"

"I'd like to know about your love life" Lauren said smilling hazily

"Oh so now you're asking me to tell you about my love life so you can write your somg? Very mature Lauren this is suppose to be from your experience" Normani said

"C'mon i want to dedicate this to you too" Lauren pout

"Nope and beside Laur, i know your game okay" Normani said

"Mani c'mon we both know i always suck at writing love songs because i'm not that romantic enough although i watch a lot of love sappy movies" Lauren said

"Fine. There's this girl i like. She's beautiful and smart. She goes to almost every class with me and we've kiss. But she wants to keep us as a secret" Normani said

"So you're saying this girl wants you both to act like you never know each other on public?" Normani nods

"Who's the bitch here?" Lauren ask teasing

"Don't say she's a bitch and her name is Ally okay? Everybody thinks she's straight and if the public knows she's not so straight then i lost her. Beside they all know Ally hates me. But not when we're alone" Normani explain

"Okay thanks. I think i'm getting the picture. Is it okay if i hang up now?" Lauren ask

"Yeah sure. Besides Ally's here anyways" Normani said

"You go get her, girl. I'll skype you later" Lauren said

She ended her skype session with Normani and went straight to business. She hum a few notes she might like and recorded them. Lauren's taste in making music is very complicated. She didn't like her songs to be techno and pop. She likes it original. Her lyrics are made like they meant nothing to people who didn't know what's behind the song. After a while, she almost finish her song

A soft sound
To the way that she wears her hair down
Covering up her face.
And oh what a let down,
And I don't seem to be having any effect now
Falling all over the place.

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