Chapter 1 Lucy

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I don't think the sky had ever been as blue as it was that day.
Although I can't remember exactly what day it was, or year for that matter.
I think it was some day in December.
I don't even remember going into the woods, but here I am.
I lay sprawled on the cold, and frozen earth, staring up into the sky.
The sky was crying white snow drops that covered the earth and trees like a blanket.
I felt so cold, so numb.
The only other sensation I felt was a searing, red, hot pain shooting through my arm.

I turned my head over my right shoulder, trying to ignore the pain, only to be greeted by golden sparkling pools, the eyes of a wolf.
He just sat there, muzzle and fur drenched in dried and wet blood, staring at me.
As if waiting for something.
Maybe he wanted to run so he could tear me down, but I didn't want to run.
I felt strangely calm.

He had fur mashed with black and white, although his fur was currently different shades of crimson with blood.
The world around him was white stained in crimson.
His eyes told stories.
They seemed to say sorry, that he didn't mean to do this.
No, that's stupid.
What am I thinking?
Wolves don't feel remorse.
It was just an act of nature, needing to feed to stay alive.
Why would this wolf feel sorry for eating me?
I was just an idiot for thinking it.

I just sat there for a few more seconds watching him, enchanted by him, before I turned back to looking at the sky.
I could still feel his gaze upon me.
As snowflakes kissed my face, I laid there and wondered what he was thinking.
Maybe he was thinking I am a weird creature for not trying to escape.
Did wolves even think?

As I looked into the sky, I noticed my vision started to dance like a ballerina on a stage.
The sickening dancing didn't last long.
My vision started to fade in and out, and I only shades of grey and black.
I didn't even realize it, but I was fainting from loss of blood.
The world turned black as I started to slip into the void.

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