The next few days, they spent it doing interviews in New York City. The 4th day of being in America, they went to San Francisco, California. Niall has a big interview with a music critique.

"I think you'll do fine," Ella says as she fixes his hair. "You look absolutely cute."

"Oh shush." He says and checks his phone. "We got 5 minutes."

Ella looks around the hotel room where the interview will be held. Camera crew getting everything ready and make up artist. They will only stay the night here then off to their final destination, Los Angeles.

"So, remember everything louis told you."

Niall lifts his face as the make up artist puts some final touches on his cheeks.

"Yes, yes I know." He says and reaches out for Ella's hand.

She reaches out and grabs it. He squeezes it tightly and kisses her knuckles. "Here, how about you go to the bedroom? So that way you can't distract me."

She rolls her eyes and lightly shakes her head. "You meany! But yes, of course I will. Okay, I'll see you in a few minutes then in the bedroom?"

He smiles and nods. "Yes after everyone leaves."

She waits for the make up artist to finish on Niall before she kisses his cheek. "Good luck."

He turns his head and quickly kisses Ella. "Thank you."


"Interesting," Ella says to herself. As she scrolls through her news feed on Twitter, she sees there has been talk of Katy's single. Most of it has been great reviews. However, most of them are how many people believe the song is about Ella.

She can hear Niall laughing from the living room. She smiles at the thought of him telling a funny story.

"Let's see, what I can tweet." She looks around the large bedroom. Nothing really interesting that she can edit.

She exits the app and decides to take a quick shower. Niall said earlier he has plans to take her out for dinner.

She grabs her stuff from the luggage and head to the bathroom.


After the interview, Niall thanked the interviewer and crew. The interview went great. He answered all the questions about his music honestly. Not once did they ask about his personal life.

After they left, Niall unbuttons his shirt and walks to the bedroom.

"Ella," he yells out. "They are gone!"

He opens the door and sees Ella blow drying her hair in front of a mirror.

"Hi," she yells over the sound of the blow dryer. She quickly turns it off and runs her fingers through her hair. "How was it?"

"Pretty awesome!" He smiles. "They were very nice and didn't harass me. They asked all about my music career. I answered them honestly. I'd say it was good. Then I took some photos."

"That's great." She turns to him and finds him unbuttoning his shirt. "I thought we were going out?"

"Yeah, but this shirt is a bit too much for me. Plus I need to shower," he shrugs off the shirt and grabs his toiletries. "I'll be out in a few minutes. Do you want to go somewhere fancy or casual?"

"Casual if you don't mind. I'm not in the mood to dress up." She laughs and starts braiding her hair into a fishtail.

"That's fine," he says and heads off the bathroom.

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