Or Hate Me? - PercLeo Ending

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It wasn't easy convincing a nerd like Percy to come to a frat party. Especially when his all time crush, Jason Grace, was going to be there. It was even harder to convince the nerdling to play truth or dare. Again, Jason Grace being there. "Come on Perce." his step brother, Tyson, begged giving Percy his best puppy dog eyes. Percy folded his arms and adjusted his glasses, "Tyson I don't think that's-" he started as his brother whimpered sticking out his bottom lip. The older brother groaned and face palmed dramatically. "Fine fine..." With that they joined the sick game of truth or dare. Sitting in the small circle which contained; Piper McLean, prettiest girl at school who by the way is head of the track team. Leo Valdez head of the robotics club and a total player with the ladies. Frank Zhang, a transfer but automatically became popular with the football team. Nico Di Angelo, the school's personal grim reaper. And Tyson's crush, Ella Harpy, who's a total book worm, spending her entire free periods in the library. Tyson sat next to Ella embarrassed as she waved at him smiling. Which cause him to blush harder and wave sheepishly. Tyson was always socially awkward.
"So.." Jason grinned as Percy sat next to him, and the nerdling folding his arms because Nico had taken the last available seat next to Ella. "Who's first?"

The game dragged on and on. Everyone was probably drunk of their ass. Except of course Percy who never really drank his cup of alcohol. Jason whooped as Nico made out with Leo, but moaned out a name Percy couldn't hear. To which the Latino boy pushed him away and the reaper boy blushed hearing what he had said. Or moaned... "Percy's turn!" Nico scowled out pointing at the nerd. "Dare! Bring it on reaper bitch!" Percy yelled at the drunk Italian. "Do 7 minutes in heaven with the guy across from you." Percy looked in front of him, and blushed looking down. "Seriously death breath!! I just made out with you!" Leo yelled as the shorter boy shrugged and flipped the Latino off. "Too bad." Perseus looked up at the pissed Mexican who smirked and grabbed Percy's arm. "Don't have sex in there!" Nico called out making the rest laugh. Percy groaned and wished he had drunken his cup of alcohol now.

Shutting the door, Leo turned to the slightly taller boy in front of him. "If we're gonna do this, first things first. You're a virgin." Percy stammered and stared the Latino in the eye. "W-What the Hades?! Am not!" Valdez rolled his brown eyes, "A drunk girl doesn't count Jackson. Either way your gay. So in my world. You're a virgin." Percy's blush got even darker as he adjusted his glasses. "So... are we-" Leo cut him off and snickered, "I'm not going to have sex with you. Please you couldn't handle something as hot as this." he ushered to himself. Percy rolled his eyes. "I honestly don't-" he started again as Leo crashed his lips on Percy's. "You talk too much Jackson." he muttered pushing them to the bed. Percy fell back onto the soft mattress, still lip locked with Leo. The smaller boy straddled Perseus and played with his unruly hair. Valdez bit the bottom of Percy's lips hard and hungrily. Percy moaned letting the Latino inside his warm mouth. There was a taste of alcohol lingering in Leo's tongue but it only made the sea green eyed boy want more. Percy's hands trailed to Leo's back and pressed their bodies closer closing the same between them. Percy moaned into Leo's hot mouth when the boy trailed Percy's pants line. "I th-thought yo-you said we we-weren't going t-to ha-ve-" Percy stuttered as Leo's lips went to the crock of Percy neck. "We aren't, I'm teasing seaweed brain." Leo bit onto Percy's neck, sucking and biting onto the smooth flesh. The door opened as soon as Percy let out a loud moan. "Damn Jackson are you secretly a porn star?" That voice belonged to Jason Grace. Percy blushed hard as Leo looked up and rolled his eyes. "Ugh you always come at the wrong times Grace." "7 minutes is up Valdez." Leo groaned and got off the very flushed Percy. "Next time Jackson, you won't be able to speak for a whole week."

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