Prologue: The Last Will

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Never put yourself in the position of regretting what you did or did not try to do. Every experience whether it is good or bad, if it's based on the passionate belief that you are doing something you love, will give you the will and character to learn, grow and persevere.

-Edwin Mamerto

Coco Spencer's POV

I was late. Everyone was probably waiting for me at the drawing room of Spencer manor for the reading of the last will and testament of my late grandfather. Every member of my family was anxious guessing how much inheritance they would get from grandfather. But I was not like them. Because I knew Carlisle Spencer disinherited me long time ago so I would not be shock if I was left with nothing after reading the will. Let's just say that I wasn't my dear old grandfather favorite grandchild—heck, I'd be surprised if he had a favorite among us.

Thinking that I made them waited for me long enough, I opened the heavy wooden door of the largest drawing room of the manor and made myself known. "Sorry, I'm late."

Several pairs of eyes drew to my direction. I couldn't missed the way those eyes threw me a disapproving look. Everyone still wore mourning attire after weeks of grandfather's death. As if, the gesture would be appreciated by the man himself. Like they were truly saddened about his demised if I didn't know better they couldn't wait for him to die so they can get their inheritance already.

It was my Aunt Clarrisa, who broke the painful silence. "We've been waiting for you to arrive at least half an hour now." She said disapprovingly. "Where have you been?"

"I'm sorry, Auntie." I muttered insincerely, not bothering to remove my oversized sunglasses. "A very important matter came up that's why I've been delayed."

"What's more important than this?" Clarrisa snapped angrily. She threw an accusing look to my father who sat at the settee near the window with my mother. "Why don't you teach your daughter a good manner?"

Father raised an eyebrow to his sister's outburst. "You heard Coco. Something came up important that's why she's been delayed. She's here now so that's all that matters, right?"

I smiled to my father as I walk where he'd been sitting. I didn't know if he was aware that it was my intention to be late in this affair or not. I kissed his cheeks and did the same with my mother. My mother muttered something in my ear that made me smile. "You always like creating uproar in the family, don't you?"

I feigned the look of innocence in her direction. "I don't know what are you talking about, Mama."

"Will you just take your seat, Coco?" My auntie snapped again. "You can chat with your parents later." I threw her a disapproving look. This old crone, she couldn't wait to get her inheritance. I smiled at my brother that I haven't noticed standing silently near the wall.

I scanned for a vacant chair for me inside the room when my gazed settled to a familiar figure. "Why the bloody hell he's here? I thought this meeting is just for Spencer family member only. I am not aware that outsider can come."

My cousin, Zoe, twined her fingers to the man in question. "Blair is my fiancé now so consider him as a member of the family, dear cousin. I'm sure you don't have any protest with that, right?"

I gave them a saccharine smile. When all I want to do was smack my ex-fiancé and removed that smug smile in his loathsome face. I haven't forgiven this bastard cheating on me with my own cousin. "Not at all."

"Over here, Coco." Zoe's older brother patted the vacant space next to him on the sofa near the mahogany table my late grandfather loved to use.

I sat beside him and smiled at Carlisle's attorney silently witnessing all the family drama. "Sorry for the wait. We can start now."

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