I've always dreamed of living an exciting life.

But I guess, luck is not meeting me from the very start, until now, that I can slightly understand a few things.

I am naive and innocent at certain things but happy because I know all I want to know.

As far as I can remember, I was left at an orphanage at the age of 3, leaving me with just my name Zeke, and a weird gold empty locket engraved with a number 7.

I am fourteen now and I barely make friends. I only got one, but I don't even know his whereabouts.

To be frank with you, I'm a bit of a special case.

I can remember things with precision even if I just saw it for a short moment.  From the book that I've read, they call it photographic memory. I am also ambidextrous. I can use both of my hands when I am writing. Not to brag, you see, I am a bit talented. Special child, as what my classmates say. So at school, they look at me differently. They leave me like I contain some contagious disease. Leave me because I might do something out of hand. Leave me because I am not like them. Leave me like how my parents did. But I don't care anymore.

I was on my way to the orphanage, which I considered my home, when I noticed a firefly carrying a red light heading towards the restricted area of the village.

Since it is very unusual to see a red firefly, I carefully stooped down in between the rusty barbed wire fence where the firefly is heading and followed it discreetly so I can stuff it inside my empty pet bottle.

When I was about to catch it, in just a matter of seconds, I am already falling out of nowhere, in a dark and cold pit, as I am slowly losing my consciousness.

Is this the turning point?

Is this the plot twist that I've been longing for?


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