Wearing my heart on my sleeve

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  • Dedicated to My ex. You still made me feel amazing nonetheless.

Well, this is how you made me feel, Ben. You may not have known it, but you made me feel incredible. So great. Just wanted to express how much I care (I'm not going to put 'cared' just because we're not a couple any more. I still care about you, just more like a brother), about you in the way I can. Writing it out :).

* Okay, I just finished this and now I'm crying from happiness <3

Enjoy, fan and vomment. Thanks, Josie, x.


Wearing my heart on my sleeve

You're always on my mind,

And constantly in my heart.

I mean exactly what I say,

Whether we're together or apart.

Though it hurts when I'm not with you,

I still feel cared for to the core.

Because you'll send me a message,

And I feel like you're saying 'one-three-four'.

When I'm with you, my heart's on my sleeve,

As you make me feel like the only one there.

What you do is so simple and sweet,

But it lets me know you care.

I know there are a few haters towards us,

But you know I couldn't care less.

Age isn't significant,

'Cause you see me as just Jess.

You have doubts that needn't be there,

So this I'm just going to say:

'There's no need to worry,

As you're my Ben that's perfect in each and every way.'

Now I know you'll try to disagree,

Say you're average at best.

But I've proved you wrong,

Because you've already passed every test.

You care and that's what matters,

So much you wouldn't believe.

You make me smile and laugh all the time,

Though I cry when you have to leave.

I care about you 'til the end of the Earth,

As I hope you do too.

So much so...

That I may even love you.

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