Chapter 2

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As you can see, the name of this story changed and so did the cover. Just wasn't feeling it. Credit to snickers0619 for the cover AND the title. Go check her out! If you like werewolves, 5 Seconds Of Summer and or Disney fan fics you'll love her books.

{Braelynn's POV}

Alana gave me a quick glance before dragging me and the rest of my body upstairs. Throwing me in her room, she shut the door and stood with her back towards it.

"Oh god, i cant believe he didn't recognize me," I breathed, pushing my hair back with my hands. Waiting for Alana to respond, she walks out the room for a minute and comes back not much later with a soda in her hand. She pops it open and takes a sip, I stare at her in amazement. "Alana, are you fucking kidding me?" I asked.

"I'm sorry, I drink when I'm hyped." She explained.

"Well I can't complain, at least it's not alcohol." She nodded as she took another sip from her Sprite.

"Okay, okay, back to business. I called you over not because Nathan was outside but because I have great news!" She jumped.

"Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes got back together?!" I asked jumping up.

She stopped. "I wish, but no." I sat back down on her bed. "So you know how every year the school hosts one big dance that everyone can go to?" I nodded. "Well I just got the letter for it this year and it seems like so much fun! Here look." She handed me a rustic, ivory color paper with a black silk ribbon border and a bow at the tile. It read:

To whom it may concern,
You are invited to the first ever Renaissance masquerade ball Hosted by Mr and Mrs. Anderson.

Our goal for this ball is that you must figure out who your class mates are because you will have a mask on the whole time. No one must know who you are beforehand other than yourself. There will be no sign in sheet because the store you will buy your dresses/suits from will send us your name so we mark you off on a list. The store will give you a 90% discount because you're a student of the school. Your ticket will be included with the purchase of your dress/suit.

The ball is this Friday and it lasts three days, until early Monday morning. Each day will be slightly different from the last. The ball is from 8:00pm to 2:00am every night.

Renaissance attire and most importantly: a mask. We will see you there.

I gaped at it and handed it back, shaking my head. "Nope. Not going."

"What? Why not?" Alana asked.

"A). No one is supposed to know who you are but everyone knows my hair, can't hide that; B). I don't have money for a dress; C). I just don't want to go, you know I don't like dances." I answered bluntly counting on my fingers.

"You can wear a hood, we can help you, and you have to! It's the first ever masquerade ball!" She argued.

"Alana, I hope you know you're the only black girl in the school with purple hair, you're kinda screwed too." I admitted.

"My hair is more of a dark plum color, that's easy to hide. Come on!" She shooed.

I wouldn't budge, no matter how hard she battled. Finally, she gave in, "well I'm not going with out you so I guess I won't be going either," I opened my mouth to argue but she intervened, "and don't try to stop me because I'm just as stubborn as you are." I shut my jaw and say there in silence.

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