Chapter 1 Meeting everyone.

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Hi, I'm Yuko, a fifteen year old girl and my friends say I have long ginger hair with highlights of gold, but I think it just looks brown.  I usually wear sweats that say OBEY along the side and some black sneakers with a loose sweater that's says I WOKE UP LIKE THIS and I always ALWAYS have a messy bun in my hair tied together with a pink elastic. I know I'm only fifteen but I'm trying to find a college because I passed high school at age 14, somehow I'm smart considering my parents don't know a thing about the Internet.  

I have boyfriend named Jack and he has natural black hair with dyed blond tips and he's sixteen and still in high school, he's really smart too, but his parents can't afford to let him skip grades.

*hey guys sorry for the short chapter if you wanna be in this story, pm me what your name is and what you look like and how old you are

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