Chapter 4~♥

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If there’s anything that people should know about moi, it’s that I completely, hands-down, adore…food.  Yes, I’m such a pale pink fat pig.  Sometimes Lor would nickname me “Piglynn”, which was such a hypocrite gesture since she probably can eat more than me.  That girl could make herself do just about anything.

            Finally lunch has arrived.  I got excited too quickly though.  In less than a minute, students were piling into a swarm of ravenous beasts, racing like stallions toward the glorious smell of hot cheeseburgers.  Pushes and shoves eventually broke out, as usual.  It was if Leonardo DiCaprio had offered a free autograph copy of Inception to one very lucky individual (I wouldn’t mind having one of those myself), and each student greedily did everything to get such a prized possession.

            I leaned over the widened cafeteria glass doors, waiting until the crowd lessened and got in a more organized manner.  At the corner of my eye, I saw Mason trying to sneak up to me.  Biting my lip to keep from escaping a giggle and even compressing my eyeballs from an eye roll, I kept silent.  With how I looked like at that very moment, I probably looked like a drunk slut trying to keep her insides from spilling out.

            Waiting for the perfect timing, I turned around and jabbed my friend in his sides, causing him to start hopping like precarious coals had suddenly replaced the glossy clean tile floors.

            Mason stopped hopping like an over-caffeinated kindergartener and smiled at me.  “Guess what?”

            My stomach grumbled, so I took his hand and lead us to the line, which wasn’t that long anymore, thankfully.  I turned around and cocked my head to the right.  “What?”

            “I’ve landed the role for the Beast!”

            My mind blanked out for a split second.  “Oh!” When the gears of my tired brain started working again, I processed what he said.  Then, I broke into a grin.  “Oh my gosh! For Beauty and the Beast?”

            “For what else?” He was being sarcastic, but I shrugged it off.  He’s been into drama throughout his whole life, and he has never had his big break, until now.

            “But won’t your British accent ruin the demeanor of the treacherous beast?” I didn’t want to sound like a downer, but the thought just sprung up to my mind and spat out without my brain’s consent.

            Mason raised one of his eyebrows, blue eyes gleaming in their beautiful diamond-like ways.  “Mr. Vendrit said that it would sound sexy.”

            “How will a sexy-sounding beast help with the plot, exactly?”

            “Oh just drop it! I got the part, and that’s all that matters.”

            I soon became aware of the lunch lady, who was glaring at us.  I grabbed the tray (fully equipped with the cheeseburger and a bottle of strawberry-flavored water) and quickly typed in my school number into the tiny keypad at the end of the line.

            Once Mason got his lunch, we headed over to the usual table, near the windows at the corner of the room.  Lor was already there, with my other close friends-Vanessa Hill and Adam Mengier.  The girls were too busy guffawing over a new copy of People to notice our presence.

            I plopped the tray onto the round, marbled table.  “What’s going on?” Mason followed suit, sitting next to Adam.

            Adam looked up from his iPhone.  He darted his eyes to the nearly crying girls.  “They’ve been laughing at this fan picture since the beginning of lunch.  I’ve considered using duct-tape.”

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