Jannet's life, a few years after.

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Jannet's POV:

As I sat on a old, aged bar stool at Mikey's Bar, downing shots like there was no tomorrow, an "old friend" came by and sat right next to me.

"Well, if it isn't John! How are you doing this fine afternoon?" I said, looking into his bright, charming irises that I once used to  love and himself, which I once had claimed was mine. John half-smiled at me, and anyone with eyes could tell that he was.. sad, and supposedly wasted.

Looking closer at him, I noticed that he had a days worth of stubble, and it only added to his attractiveness, darn myself for daring to say it. John simply replied, "Great. How are you, Jannet?" His formal tone shocked me. It was like we never had met before. I was a bit hurt for a second, but I recovered quickly, not to show him how I felt.

Honestly? When we broke off our... predicament, I was in a confused state. I felt safe with John, and he brought me a new perspective of life when we were together. After we broke it off, I found several partners that fit the bill. Smart, alluring, handsome. What more could I ask for?

But none of them-- none of them were like John.

You could say that I'm in for a suprise and I don't blame you.

I, Jannet -Insert last name- am hopelessly in love with John.

Even though I knew he was married at first, I thought I was fixing him-- helping him. Thats half-true.
And I can only blame myself for breaking them apart even further.

John immediately noticed my discomfort, and my drifting off. "Hello? Earth to Jannet?" He waved his hands in front of my face. Slowly, I regained my composure and straightened my seat.

"Yes, John? If you're here just to pity me then leave. I know that I look very vulnerable right now, which I am. If you could just leave me alone, that would be appreciated." John shook his head. "I'm here because Metilda and I fought. We aren't exactly on speaking terms, and I can only hope that everything is fine. What about you?"

I chuckled. "My life isn't quite on track as before. Whats happened to you after you left work?" "I've been working at the office downtown, not too far away from here. It's a nice place." I yawned unexpectedly. Somehow, John noticed it and right after he finished off his drink, he spoke.

"I apologize if I'm boring you, but I'm not in the greatest mood right now, you know?" He weakly mustered another half-smile. I nodded, remembering all those long nights alone, crying until I could no longer get a sob out. This was ever since John and I broke up.

"You know, ever since THAT night, I just- I feel like we didn't talk it out." John's easy-going attitude faded. His eyes turned dark. "There is nothing to talk about, Jannet." Suddenly, I realized that all my crying, all my efforts to get back together- it was foolish. Foolish and amateur. This time, I had to move on. No matter how much it hurt to let go. I straightened my smooth, black silky dress. I first bought it when John and I had our first dinner together, and when I caught feelings for him. It showed all my curves, and yet, all the male attention was never enough.

Because, at the time, I only ever wanted attention from him.

"I am sorry for coming on too strong. I ask that you forget this ever happened." He said, and frowned, and then he hugged me. It was...different. Not like when we embraced when he had a bad night with Metilda, and I was there to comfort him.
All the feelings were gone. "I don't want you to see me like this. Broken." I replied. John shook his head. "No, I'm sorry. I led you on, making you believe there was something. I am utterly disgusted with myself. I want you to move on." He smiled at me, paid for his and my drinks, and held me close.

"Even though we might not meet again, I want you to think of our meeting as a sign of peace, maybe even wishful thinking. This is goodbye for now." He kissed my cheek, leaving me (⚇) speechless in the dark of the night. (A/N: Wow, can you believe that time passed so fast? I bet you didn't notice that it started in the afternoon, now did you?)

I know its over. And I will move on, hopefully with someone who will love me and treat me right.


So just if you were wondering, I had a few emojis when some emotions were there. While I was typing them down, I saw these little, cute (☺) faces and I just had to add them in.

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