Chapter 13

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Please don't hate me!!!!!!! I know its been forever since I've updated ...... and I have absolutely no excuse so to why.😔 Sorry. But I've updated now and don't know when my next update will be so..... Enjoy.😊


I'm a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world/ Life is plastic, its fantastic/ You can brush my hair, Undress me everywhere/ Imagination, life is your creation/ Come on Barbie, let's go-

"Shut that shit up!" Rina yelled and threw a pillow at her sister.

"What in living hell possessed you to use that song as our alarm?" Reana asked from her own bed.

"It woke us up right?" Rose said walking into the bathroom.

Thirty minutes later, Rose walked out of the wearing a red with black lace off the shoulder frill crop top, black booty shorts and stiletto peep-toe platform heels. She wore butterfly cuff bracelet, a pendent necklace and bird earrings, her red hair was straightened and felt down. Rina walked into the kitchen wearing a white and black off the shoulder wave pattern blouse, plaid skirt and black tights. Around her neck was a tattoo choker, at her ears were star studs and her mini tote hanged in her hand. She usually carried her skateboard but she was just too tired for it. Reana came in in a nude bustier crop top, maxi skirt, nude pumps, god diamond ear cuff, stone plated necklace, leather and chain wrap watch and knitted poncho over the crop top.

It is a bit much but they are used to dressing in the best and designer clothes every day in their lives and not worry about school since they were home schooled by a tutor that was sworn to secrecy and lived in the house with them. This is new territory for them, and even though they have been going to that school for a week now, it's... "Hard to teach an old dog new tricks".

The girls were having breakfast, waiting for the boys to come down. And when the boys entered the kitchen, everyone stared at them in the state of shock.

"What the hell are you-" Rose stated but stopped abruptly as she remembered why they were dressed like that.

"You guys lost too?" Rina asked Mark, Lucas and Phillip as they stood behind Henry, blushing.

The four of them were dressed in maid outfits of different styles. They had their make-up done obviously by a woman, and all wore heels. Maybe not stiletto high but about two or three.

Reana couldn't resist, "How does it feel wearing stockings?"

"I don't know how you women do it." Henry answered, "It's extremely tight." He said while using his hands to shift his junk around.

"Oh dude, please, show some respect. First up you're a woman you can't be doing that and two; you're in a kitchen." Anthony said as he walked into the kitchen. Fiorella had told him about the 'dressing as a girl' thing this morning but he had to come see for himself. And man was it worth it.

Lily, who stood behind him, took her camera out, the one she had hiding in her sleeve, and took a picture of the three of them.

"Lily!" Henry yelled when he saw.

"What? I had to have something to remember this in the future. Plus, it won't kill to have extra embarrassing moments of my big brother."

"Send me a copy of that." Anthony said laughing at his son's expression walking further into the kitchen and kissed each of the girl's cheek as they walked out laughing.

Ricky and Ben were already outside waiting for them but when they saw Henry and the guys walking out of the house in the outfit they started laughing and cat-calling at them as they drive by.

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