Chapter 13

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So the title song... Yaaaayyy!! Except it wouldn't let me add any of the original songs so I had to add the Sleeping With Sirens version but the song is still so beautiful. Kellin's voice is perfect for it; just give it a chance. :)


He didn't know how much time had passed, but when he had finished telling her everything his head was in her lap and the room was quiet for a while.

He was okay with that; they didn't have to talk.

He noticed that the rain had stopped.

Jenn softly ran her fingers through his hair, humming a song.

"What song is that?" Iggy asked her.

"Oh- ah- 'Iris' by the Goo Goo Dolls. It's been stuck in my head for a while."

"Will you sing it to me?"

"I'm really not that good," she said dismissively.

"You know, being blind means that I have enhanced hearing, right?"

"Yeah... So?" She asked; confused at where he was going with this.

"So I hear a thousand voices every day," he said.

"You might want to get that checked out," she teased.

"But not a single one has stuck in my brain like yours." Her hand stopped and he continued. "You have the most beautiful voice I have ever heard and I'm, like, an expert on voices, so don't you dare try and tell me you're not very good."

She sensed a touch of humor in his serious tone and smiled. "Alright, you really want me to sing?"

"That'd be nice, yes."

"Let me ask you one thing, then."


"Were you also infused with sarcasm at the School or something?" she teased.

"No that just comes naturally," he said, chuckling. She was relieved that he took her joke instead of getting upset.

"Alright, then," she gently tweaked his nose and giggled.

Then, with that, she began to sing,

"And I'd give up forever to touch you,

'Cause I know that you feel me somehow

You're the closest to heaven that I'll ever be

And I don't want to go home right now..."

He cuddled her legs as he used her thighs for a pillow. She resumed toying with his hair and he closed his eyes.

"I love you," he mumbled just before he fell asleep.

"And I don't want the world to see me

'Cause I don't think that they'd understand

When everything's made to be broken

I just want you to know who I am..."

By the end of the song, he was in a deep sleep and she kissed his forehead, "I love you, too."

Soon, she fell asleep on her back with his head still in her lap.

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