Chapter 12

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Crowds of girls surround Hayes and start pulling at him. A guard comes over and struggles to pull him out of the crowd, but he manages to free him of their grasp. Hayes rushes over to me and pulls me into a hug. Butterflies swarm in my stomach and I blush brightly.

"Natalie! I was so worried about you! I know we just met and it sounds weird but I missed seeing you in the crowd." After he says that I see girls whispering and laughing. Some give me dirty looks and others say nasty things like:

"Why her?"

"She's ugly."

"Look at her shoes.."

"I'm way prettier than that worthless girl."

"Ew. He is way too good for her."

My heart shatters after hearing all those things, but I put on a smile and do my best to ignore it.

"Hayes, I'm gonna go back to my room." I say and he nods and says, "Alright. I'll stop by later. Rest up." I hurry off to my room and Lindsay is sitting on my bed with flowers.

"BRUH. I just cut my arm, I didn't break my legs." I chuckle. She runs over and hugs me.

"I'm sorry. It was technically my fault because I invited them in. Here, I bought you flowers. The rest of the boys bought flowers too. They are in the bathroom. How are you feeling?" She rambles.

"The boys or the flowers are in the bathroom? Anyway, I'm feeling great! Thanks! Don't worry. My arm is numb so I'll be fine. I'm gonna rest for a bit. Go to the meet and greet and have fun!" I enthusiastically say.

"THE FLOWERS! And are you sure?"

"Yeah! Go see your booooyfrieeend." I say and make kissing sounds.

"I wish. See you Natty boo!"

"Wait!" I yell, "What happened in the closet with you and Matt?"

"Oh, haha. We just talked, no making out." She waves and grins.

I think about the things those fans were saying and start tearing up. Eventually all my bad memories fill my mind and I cry myself to sleep.


I slowly shift and hit into something warm.

"Careful. You're on your bad arm." I hear Hayes say. I smile brightly and open my eyes to see his face.

"Hi." He grins a lopsided smile.

I giggle and say hi back. He reaches in for a hug and I gladly return it. My eyes gaze at his gorgeous eyes and then trail down to his lips. The lips I kissed just the day before. The lips I wish I could kiss again.

"Want to come to my room and hang out? The boys went to eat with Lindsay, so they will be back in a couple hours."

I nod and he opens the door and grips my hand like a child. He pulls me to his room and unlocks the door. Leading me to the mini sofa, he pulls out his playstation.

"Do you know how to play black ops two?"

"Yeah! My brother taught me a while back. I bet I can beat you!" I say playfully.

"I doubt it." He replies and smirks. While turning it on, he grabs a console and hands it to me. After the game is all set up he rises and scoots really close to me. I cross my legs and get my game face on. I try to ignore the fact that HAYES FREAKIN GRIER is sitting right next to me. It is really hard to not focus on how good he smells and the warmth of his body radiating heat.


"I'll get you next round!" He replies. I ended up beating him 11 to 10.

"Well. I can't give in to defeat. I promise you that next time we play, I'll beat you!" He enthusiastically says, getting in my face.

"Oh, really?" I question, getting even closer to his face. Our faces are only inches apart. He looks as if he wants to come closer but I pull away from my nerves acting up. I then blush and smile.

"Let's watch a movie! How about..Annabelle?" Hayes questions. I nod, but I must look frightened, because he says, "Don't worry! Super Hayes is here! I'll protect you!" I giggle, sit back, and wait for him to put the movie in. Hayes jumps onto the sofa and grabs a blanket. He covers us both and as the movie progresses, I feel his hand squeeze mine. I smile and squeeze back. Annabelle pops up under the door during the movie and I jump up. Without thinking I bury my face into Hayes' chest and he freezes up.

"I.. I'm sorry. I didn-"

"It's okay," he whispers and wraps his arm around my waist. I drift in and out of consiousness during the movie and eventually fell asleep.

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