Chapter 3~The Carriage

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There was a pounding in my head, like my someone was hitting me with a wooden panel. I also felt a little nauseous and dizzy but fought to open my eyes anyway. Besides, the quiet voices around me clearly weren't going to let me rest seeing as they would not  stop talking. Continuously asking questions like; "I wonder if she is alright?", "Who is she?", "Do you think she'll wake up soon?", "I wonder if she is of noble birth?". All meaningless and usual questions about status and money. 

They're probably all the snobby daughters of some rich baron. At least that is what I thought until I heard one remark;"poor soul, stuck with the same fate as us" one of them said. Her voice sounded very familiar but I couldn't quite place it. All I knew was that she was someone who I saw on a daily basis whether it be a maid or some random women.

I was still in the position that I was in when I was oh so kindly, note the sarcasm, thrown into the carriage because I had not bothered to move. The dizziness still hadn't gone away so even if I did get up, I would just feel worse and probably throw up right?. So, for the greater good I stayed still. 

I'm sure the girls wouldn't mind a few more minutes of questioning who I was. I mean they did start to make a little game out of it, making up different names and backstories for me. So who am I to ruin there fun?

When I eventually sat up I could, though it was still very dark, see the outlines of facial features. I could see the two girls sitting next to the window better thanks to the moon shining through the two small windows. There were four girls sitting next to each other on the seats, two on each side. I squinted my eyes a little and leaned towards the girl closest to me on my right.

I was about three or four inches away from her face, our noses practically touching,  when I actually started to see more details of her face. She slightly curled hair resting on her shoulders and bangs covering her forehead. I feel like I recognize this features. "Who are you?" I questioned hesitantly, squinting me eyes a little. Though we were in the same predicament, I wasn't quite sure who these people were so I wasn't going to act all buddy-buddy with them to quickly. I was still the soon-to-be queen after all, I couldn't be conversing with just anybody. 

"We could be asking you the same question" the girl said with a snotty attitude leaning further towards my face, challenging me. She acted like she was higher than me and she has no idea who I am.  "I will have you know that you are in the presence of your future queen" I snapped back, no to happy with the way she talked to me even if she didn't know who I was. 

It is called courtesy, it is not that hard to be nice and civil to people. "Guinevere?" Some other girl asked from behind me. "It is me Madeline" she stated. 

I then felt a pair of arms wrap tightly around me and pull me back. I was a little  to stunned to even realize what was happening, my mind to busy replaying the girl's recent words "It is me Madeline". I was so sure that she, along with my other friends, had perished in the fire. 

Surely, my mind was just playing tricks on me. Probably to help me cope with the loss of my friends and family. However, more arms started to wind themselves around me like vines around an old, dying tree. I heard squeals and some sniffling from the girls around me. "Guinevere, it's us. Don't you recognize your friends?" they questioned. I could hear the little bit of  hurt in their voices. 

I put myself in a comfortable position on the floor on my knees and look around me. I started to tear up a bit  at the sight before me. "I'm so glad to see you guys. When I didn't see you guys in the barn, I-I thought, I thought that you were dead" I said, my words a little muffled because I pressed myself into one of my friends shoulders. I fought back the tears that were starting to surface, as traitorous as they are, they slipped down my face anyway. I also let out a little sniffle.

I just couldn't hold it in any longer because I knew I wouldn't have to face what happened next alone, I had my friends with me.


Once we were down with our little emotional brake down, we broke apart from each other. I looked at all four of them and smiled, "I just can't believe it's really you guys" I said. They all nodded in agreement. It was still a little to dark to see everyones faces but I didn't need it to know who was who anymore. 

"Madeline, Victoria, Julyan, Elizabeth" I said, "How and when did you guys get here?" I asked. "We were dragged here just like you were" stated Julyan. 

"Yeah we were hiding in the tunnel behind your mothers portrait. We were perfectly hidden, at least that was what we thought until the painting was slashed and several men filed in. They grabbed us and dragged us here." Victoria added. 

"Were they the same men as outside by the fire?" I questioned, nodding my head in there general direction. They all nodded their heads no, leaving me with several questions. 

We all fell into silence, no one talked or made a sound. But it wasn't any type of tension, we were just silent. The atmosphere was calm, still keeping in mind the situation that we are currently in. 

I started thinking about why there would be a whole other set of men who dragged us here while thirteen men sat over there stuffing their faces. Couldn't they be doing something just a little more useful, though I should be grateful that they aren't pillaging my kingdom. It just seems weird. 

I looked out the window to see that  fiery red glow, taunting me with its freedom to move. Taunting me with the hidden power of destruction and death it possesses that is released onto anybody who tries to tame its wildness. It can not be contained to a fireplace or a wooden torch and it can not be stopped once it has something in mind. Moving from place to place in one fall swoop eating away at dreams and hopes, my hopes and dreams. 

Something about seeing those bright popping colors lighted something within me. I knew I would never feel that kind of freedom, but I was sure as hell gonna get close. 


Julyan- pronounced like Julian 

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