Chapter 9 (Dans p.o.v.)

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I woke up this morning really happy. But now that I think of it. I haven't seen Phil all day. I was getting worried and really sad. "Phil!" I yelled as I looked everywhere. He could show up anywhere. I got no answer and I didn't see him show himself. I shrugged it off. He's probably really busy at the moment. I grabbed a book and started reading it. It was called 'The Girl With Borrowed Wings'. I read it until the end. "That was the best book ever." I smiled and got up to head into the kitchen. I grabbed a strawberry pop tart and headed out to the porch. I sat down on the bench swing and opened up my strawberry pop tart. I took a bite and smiled. I ate it slowly and sighed. "I miss Phil." I went back inside and yelled for Phil again. "Phil!" Still no appearance. So as I was going to leave I saw a faint glow and saw Phil. "Phil? Where were you all day?" Phil looked sad. He sat down on the couch. I sat down next to him. "Phil tell me what's wrong?" Phil smiled. "I'm okay Dan thanks for asking. I frowned because I knew deep down something was wrong. I looked down and fiddled with my thumbs. "Are you sure everything is okay?" I asked him hoping he'd tell me what's wrong. Phil nodded and looked away. I sighed. Phil got up and went into another room. After five minutes he came back in and looked at me. I looked back. "Yes Dan. Something is wrong." "Can you tell me?" I said as I frowned. Phil looked at me with scared eyes. "Dan ever since I started being your Guardian Angel..." He paused and bit his lip nervously. "I was in love with you. I just didn't have the heart to tell you until now." He looked down. My heart started doing flips. I thought. 'Yes! I was in love with an angel and he loved me back. But I don't know if a human and an angel can be in love with each other, can they?'

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