The Day that We Lost It All

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  After coming from Bernie's house, I went back home. I was tired. Im only in primary school but hey, its a lot of work for us! My younger brother says I complain too much, and he's only 9 years! 

    I walked into the house, allowing the screen door to shut behind me. "DAD! IM HOME!"

    "Crikey, Courtney! Shut up! He's lying down." Campbell said while doing his homework.

    "Well someone's cranky today, huh Cam?"

    He glared at me. "Yeah, because clearly you forgot what today is."

    What was today? There was no special occasion or anythi-.... Oh. As soon as I realized, I sat down silently on the couch and held the pillow close to my chest. January 23rd. The day mum died...

    Cam turned to look at me from the dining table, "Now you remember?" 

    I nodded and squeezed the pillow tighter. I was at the verge of tears, but I had to stay strong. For Campbell... For my dad. Its been 4 years already since the accident happened. But it always still shoots us a pain through our hearts knowing that she isn't with us any more. She was so loving and caring from what I remember. Cam was about 3 years when she passed away, but he doesn't remember much of her. All he says he remembers is her smile and the songs she used to sing to him as lullabies. It makes me sad too because she would sing be the same lullabies as well. Some of them were in Chinese, some of Aussie songs. My mum was originally from China, but she moved here to Brisbane with her family when she was very young, along with my two uncles and their wives. My parents studied at the same university called The University of Queensland. I guess they met there and fell in love. 2 years after college, the two love doves got married and had me soon after! 

    My dad really loved my mum. It must have been the hardest for him during the time of her passing. It still is. I try to prevent myself from the tears and sniffle a bit. I forgot about my father. I get up, leaving the pillow back in its place and slowly trudge my way into dad's bedroom. I gently push the door ajar, seeing him lying down on the bed, staring up at the ceiling. He isn't asleep, but lost in his thoughts. I still stand at the door, peeping in just a bit. "Daddy? Are you alright?"

    Dad opens his eyes and turns to the side to look at me. "Hmm? Oh yes, just thinking Littlie."      (Littlie means child here in Aussie.) "C'mon here, Court and sit beside me," He says patting the comforter. I walk inside and sit besides him on the bed. 

    "You know what today is, don't you?" My eyes start to well with tears as he brings it up. I say nothing since I start to choke up because of the tears, but nod. He takes my hand in his, and rubs it with his thumb. "You're mum was the best thing that happened to me. But when you came into this world, you became my number one. You and Campbell. The both of you bring great joy to my heart."

    I couldn't take it anymore. I had to let it out. "Oh, daddy!" I burst out, and wring my arms around him. I sob into his chest, as he rubs my back. 

    "It's alright my little wallaby. I've got you. And I won't let anything happen to you. But you're getting to be a big girl day by day, and I want you to know that we need to forget the past and move on with the future. I'm sure your mum would want that."

    I sniffle, pulling away from him and I wipe the tears away from my face. He softly smiles, but he looks so strong doing it. My dad was amazing. He knew how to handle so many situations. my dad was my hero.


~Happy Fathers Day to every dad out there! This was a perfect chapter to write since it relates with Courtney and her father. My dad isn't with me (meaning he's started a new family), but he's still my dad. So make sure you wish yours. Without him, we wouldn't be here, as well as our mothers!~

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