Hey guys my name is Nicole, im from Riverside Ca., and I go to Martin Luther King High School, and im 17. I live with my mom in a huge mansion. I've been transferred from school to school for many reasons and everytime I go to a school I have a large amount of people that I've never even talked to before that dont like me, but who cares... I guess.

(Nicole's P.O.V)

Mom: Nicole wake up its time for school!!

Me: Okay okay. Im getting up.

*I walk to the bathroom turn on the shower, get out of my clothes, get in and take a 15 minute shower. Get out, brush my teeth, wash my face, put lotion and clothes on, and curl my hair. Then go downstairs.*


(P.O.V. Over)

Me: So what's for breakfast today?

Mom: Oh the usual. Bacon, eggs, and toast.

Me: Oh okay thats nice.

Mom: Are you excited to start your new school today?

Me: *Dramatically* I couldn't be more excited!!

Mom: Oh come on. The people at this school cant possibly be as bad as the ones at your other schools.

Me: Yeah mom because thats only what you say every time I go to a new school, and it always happens!

Mom: Dont get mad at me because people dont like you!

Me: Wow whatever bye im going to school! *storms out the door*

Mom: *rolls eyes

(Nicole's P.O.V)

I drive off in my all blue 2012 Camero to school, mad at what my mom said to me and that I had no friends at school besides my two cousins, London and Leia. We're all really close, and we do everything together, well except for..... you know., but other than that every thing.

*At School*

London & Leia: Nicole!

Me: Hey guys. What's up? *says clearing mad*

London: What's wrong with you boo?

Leia: Yeah you seem mad.

Me: Nothing!!

*London & Leia look at me with a staight face*

Me: Fine. My mom was just being an ass this morning. She sad that no body liked me.

Leia: Ehh whatever. Itll be alright.

Me: Yeah but... its kinda true.

London: Dont sweat it. Itll be fine. But im going to class.

Leia: Yeah me too.

Me: Okay bye, but wheres the office? *they both point in the same direction*. Oh okay. Thanks. :)

*I walk to the office, get my schedule, then go to my first class. When I walk in, I instantly get stares from everyone*

Me: Um. Hi, my name's N....

Teacher: Oh! Nicole nice to meet you! My name is Mr. Fuller. You may go have a seat over there in between...(scans the room) Chresanto & Rayan.

(They both look up simultaneously and roll their eyes. I put my head down and walked over to my seat)

Me: Hey. *waves to Chresanto & Rayan*