Austin Mahone Imagine

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So I wrote this imagine for a friend but if you would like to see more stuff it would be lovely of you to vote and comment and all the good stuff. Enjoy! ^.^

Autumn X Austin Imagine

How you first met:

You were running late to class and practically jogging to get there on time. As you were turning the corner at light speed, you ran into someone knocking you both onto your bums.

"I'm so sorry! I was running late to class and I'm new to this state and..." He trailed off. You were rubbing your head.

"Are you okay?" The stranger asked. You pushed up your glasses and noticed it was the really cute and sweet new kid.

"Y-y-yeah! I-I'm fine! Heh... You? I mean, are you okay?" You said obviously nervous.

"Yeah. I'm fine. The name's Austin by the way. Your's?" He asked. Gosh his voice was cute.

"Autumn." You said looking into his gorgeous blue sparkling eyes.

"Where were you going in such a rush?" He said offering you down a hand.

"Choir, but Mrs. Gonzales asked me to drop this off for the art show first." You said holding up your most recent painting.

"Oh my gosh! Like, wow! You're- I mean THAT's amazing!"

"Thanks...." You replied blushing.

"How about I walk you to drop this off then we can walk to Mr. Smith's choir class together." He offered.

"I don't know..." You said very unsure

"Aw... Pretty please!" He said pulling an adorable puppy face.

"Oh alright" You said giving into his cuteness.

First date:

You guys were walking in the park, hand-in-hand, finding the perfect spot to sit and watch the fireworks. Ever since you met you've liked him and become best friends. Maybe almost as close as you and Amethyst were. But ever since she pushed you at him to try and make a spark with you and him, you knew nobody could replace her. Instead of you catching him on the lips he dodged and caught you making you dip down then kissing you on the lips. Turned out that you guys felt the same way about each other. You found the perfect spot watching the sunset and then cuddling during the show. He then walked you home.

First Kiss:

You guys have been dating for a couple weeks now and still haven't had your first kiss. Amethyst decided to help you out. She threw a small party with some of your friends. After a while you guys decided to play 7 minutes in heaven. She rigged it so you guys got picked first. You got shoved into a somewhat small closet. Austin asked if you were sure and BAM he kissed you.


It's been a few years since you and Austin had been dating. You both graduated high school and were enjoying your being famous together. Your fans were so supportive! You were in the middle of a concert singing Heart In My Hand together. He wrote it just for you to remember your first date. All of a sudden the song was over and Austin had started talking to his fans.

"It's been a crazy night, right Mahomies? Well, I have a special song for Autumn tonight. Remember?" He winked at them and they started cheering. He started singing Marry You by Bruno Mars to you. After the song he started speaking to you.

"It's been a crazy night for us as well, sweetheart. Tonight I have a very important question..." He said staring into your chocolate brown eyes.

"Skittles or M&Ms?" Everyone cracked up but then it got quiet again and soft violins started playing.

"Autumn, it's been some years. And this is our third tour. You are the light of my life and I wish for it to stay lit. There's only one way for us to do this though." He started getting down on one knee pulling out a little black box. You put your hands to your mouth and starting tearing up.

"Autumn Taco Webster, my life, pride, and joy," He said opening the box exposing a little ring with the most beautiful teal jewel you've ever seen in your entire life.

"Will you marry me?"

You bent down on both knees and hugged him bursting out with tears on his shoulder. You pulled away and nodded yes. He slipped the ring on your left ring finger, grabbed your hand and held it in the air. He then pulled his microphone up to his lips.

"I love you Mrs. Autumn Mahone"

"I love you too Mr. Austin Mahone"

Then you kissed and simultaneously said

"Thank you Texas!" And ran off the stage together.

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