Angelic Sins: Chapter 1

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Chapter 1:

“He that can have patience, can have what he will”

-Benjamin Franklin

                I sit with my legs crossed rocking back and forth. I cannot handle it anymore; it’s been days since my body has had any nourishment. I keep looking at the window of my apartment with the black shade covering it. Light still penetrates against it. It’s not dark yet. I look around to find something to distract me. I could turn on my 32” HD TV and watch cable, but what is the point, it’ll just make me hungry.

                I look from the TV to the black leather recliner in front of it. All I have in this apartment is a leather recliner, a desk, and a chair. I could read a book while I wait for sunset to be over. I look around to see my several bookshelves; there ought to be something in there I haven’t read.

                I feel the soft cushion of red carpet beneath my bare feet. I had just replaced it and the pad myself last summer, and I am happy I did. The texture feels so nice under my callused feet. Besides that… the color… is so convenient. I shake my head from such thoughts; I can’t let it control me.

                I have my books organized into categorized bookshelves: history, mythical & fantasy fiction, encyclopedias, vampire fiction, and vampire truth. I have too many books. It does get boring during the day. Only recently have I finished the Twilight series, and besides making me hungry – it also made me want diamonds. I walk over to the encyclopedias and look at the first two books: Dictionary and Thesaurus. I pick up the dictionary and head to my recliner.

                As I sit I feel something under my tailbone as I lean back. I sit forward and grab a Playstation controller from behind me and toss it forward. It crashes to the ground and is now the only thing on my spotless floor. Stupid Resident Evil being addictive. I lean back in the recliner and head back to my last spot.

                Spontaneous: Adj- said or done without having been planned or written in advance. Adj- happening or arising without apparent external cause.

                I glance back at the window, there is no more light trying to fight its way through. I jump up from my seat and quickly put the Dictionary back in its place. I pick up the Playstation controller and set it on my oak entertainment center.

                I slowly open the door and stay behind it with eyes wandering outside. There is no sunlight entering my apartment. First I test the atmosphere with my finger as I look around my apartment making sure I don’t see anything I need to pick up. Once I’m fine with my apartment’s appearance I take a step out of the door.

                It’s not dark yet, but the sunlight has faded behind the horizon. I look around the apartment complex as I walk. It is too white here. I almost make it to my car when Dustin stops me.

                “Hey Tristan. Are you busy tonight? Do you want to play some Playstation?” he asks.

                I flinch at the smell of him, the smell of his blood. He smells of pizza and junk food. Not even worth it, and besides I could never cause anything too close to home. I have grown too fond of Dustin anyway, we’ve known to hangout a few times at the bar playing pool.

                “Perhaps a bit later Dustin, I have some things to take care of first,” I say.

                “Alright man, I’ll catch you later,” he says.

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