Chapter 1

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Keisha POV

Beep Beep Beep Beep!!

I groaned when I heard my alarm go off. Smh.. I hate first days. As a matter of fact I hate everyday of school.

"Keisha are you up yet?" My mom asked while knocking on my bedroom door.

"Yes Mom, I'm up." 

"We have to leave a little early today, so hurry up and get ready." Great so now I have to go to school early and hang around, just great.

"Okay Mom." I replied while getting up from my bed.

I went to the bathroom and started the shower. All I could think about was how to make today different. Since the sixth grade people have been taking advantage of  and bullying me. This year I plan on changing that, but my only problem was that I didn't know how.

When I got out of the shower I fixed my hair in a messy bun and went to my room to get dress. I picked out a pink shorts and my 'I love pink' top. I know I was dressing a little slutty but it was part of how I was going impress everyone. I got my things together and went to the car to wait for my Mother.

During the drive to school it was quiet. My mom didn't take any interest or mind how I looked. Ever since the passing of my father our relationship has changed. We aren't as close as we used to be. Before all of this I didn't care much about what happened in school because I was always happy at home. Now at home it's depressing and at school it's terrible.

"Alright Keisha I'll see you later." Mom said as she pulled up to the school.

"Thanks for the ride." I said before exiting the car.

I entered school and all eyes where on me. This should be a good thing since all I wanted was to be noticed but instead people looked at me as if I was some stupid alien. And things escalated throughout the day. People keep confronting me and telling me how ugly I looked and throwing nasty insults.

"Well well well,  look what we have here lady's. It's miss wanna be popular Keisha." The voice all too knowing said. It was Britney my former 1st grade bestfriend. Britney stopped being my friend in elementary school because our fellow classmates build upon and bullied me after  of an little accident I had. I've been bullied ever since. Instead of  standing by my side she choose to join and become a bully herself.

 "You look so silly today, your baggy cloths looked way better on you." Throughout the years I've formed an uncontrollable hatred for  Britney. Not only has she joined a gang who prays upon making my life a living hell, but she also leads it and instigate the problems.

Just when I was about to go off on her my one and only friend Jessica came along.

"Keisha is miss Barbie bitch giving you trouble?" Jessica spated. I looked at with a confirmation look as she already knew what to say. Jessica was always outgoing. She was the only person who talked to me when everyone else didn't want to. She has a strong confident personally and doesn't let anyone take advantage of her.

"Look here you sluts, I don't have time for your bullshit so bye losers." Britney laughs before walking off with her gang.

"Thanks Jessica, so girl how you been? How was your summer, any drama?" I asked trying to not talk about situation. I was really excited to see Jessica because she traveled over the summer. I haven't talked to her in like forever and she always had sometype of drama going on in her life.

"No problem Keisha, everything been good with me. No drama but their must be something good going on with you, what's up with the new look? Did you find a boyfriend or something?" I was really hoping she wouldn't notice. I did not feel like explaining this new me to her. It didn't make any sense. I just made things worst for myself.

"No girl... just trying to change my life." I said but obviously my plan failed, why do I even try to impress people. I should just focus getting out of here. I could never change the way these people look at me.

"Keisha you're perfect the way you are , theirs nothing wrong with the way you looked before. You don't have to expose yourself  to impress anyone. If they care about  you and want to be your friend they will like you for the person you are." Yeah right I wish everyone was like Jessica she is the best friend I could ever have or ask for. She's the only reason I'm able to get through the day without completely breaking down.

"I know, I just wanted to try something new." I said looking down trying to walk away. She knew that look meant I didn't want to talk about it anymore.

"Enough about this, did you see the new English teacher? "

"English teacher..? Do I look like I'm  excited to hear about the new English teacher who is bound to  stress and work me to death with work?" I looked at her weirdly. I was definitely not in the mood to think or talk about all that.

"I heard that he is 22 and is sexy as hell." I was in complete shock. Is it even possible for someone to become a teacher at such a young age.

"22 years old. Wow thats really young but I bet he's not that good looking. I mean someone that young being a teacher, they must be a nerd. But I guest we just have to wait and see, I have English first period you?"

"Me too, lets go I can't wait." We made our way to the English classroom. When we got in their was no one was there so me and Jessica made our way to the middle of the class where we always sit. All the while I keeping thinking like should I go home. I really didn't want to spend the rest of the day listening to people insults. Today might just be the worst day of my life.

After waiting for what seemed like hours the teacher finally came through the doors.

I felt like I was just hit in the head with a large piece of wood.  He was drop dead gorgeous. I could see his muscles through his suit. Not to mention he was dressed so professionally in a blue suit which complimented his body perfectly. I looked at him  from his feet all they up until our eyes met.

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