Chapter 17:What Relationship Do You Have with Her?

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Continuation of ch 16

[Jieun's POV]

I walked out of the classroom and saw Yongguk by his locker, "Hi."

"Hey, what's up?"

"I kind of just wanted to ask you a quick question...Where did you and Nayeon go off to this morning?" I tried to make my voice not sound like I was dying to know every single detail.

"I just had to help her with something."

"Is it related to the same reason why you were always with her for the past few days?" I saw him raise an eyebrow at me, "Well I'm just curious because a while back, I saw Nayeon crying in the hallway and then you were there comforting her...I didn't even know you guys were close. But after that day I noticed that you were always with Nayeon and you seemed like you didn't have time for anyone else...What relationship do you have with her?"

Yongguk just shrugged, "What does it matter if I'm spending my time with her?"

"Well because I don't really get to see you that much," I mumbled, "But if you guys really do have something going on between you two then the least you can do is tell your friends because it seems like you and Nayeon are keeping a secret about your relationship and...well...yeah," I found myself rambling and had to stop for a second to catch my breath.

"So here's what's going on," Yongguk clasped his hands together the way Mr. Shin does when he's about to start a lesson, "I was about to go back to class but then I saw Nayeon crying and I was like 'oh, I guess I should go check if she's ok or whatever' and then she told me how for her choir class she had this showcase that was like 80% of her grade and she already planned to do a duet with someone who was supposed to write an original song for her to sing, but then last minute they said they couldn't do it and she was freaking out so I said 'I could probably help you write a song' since I've written some songs before and that's the reason why I had to spend every day after school with her, because we were working on the song and today I skipped morning classes because that was the time we had to perform for her choir class."

"So all you guys were doing was working on a song together?" I never heard Yongguk sing before but I remembered him scribbling words into his notebook one day and I assumed that he wasn't doing classwork, I guess he was coming up with lyrics at the time.

"Yup," He crossed his arms and leaned against his locker. Wow I was seriously over thinking something that was so small. I feel pretty dumb now.

"You thought there was something more going on between Nayeon and me?"

"W-well why did you two always act so close when you were together?"

"Ehh that's kinda just how Nayeon is I guess. But I just tried being really nice to her because after working together, I've come to learn that she has really scary mood swings, so acting like that around her was just easier."

I sighed, "So really this whole time, nothing more was going on?"

"You're asking a lot of questions today."

"But that's because this whole time I was so jealous." I noticed Yongguk's eyes widen, "I don't know, it's just weird. I didn't want you to be hanging out with Nayeon."

Yongguk stared at me blankly with his mouth slightly parted and I was feeling extremely embarrassed right now. Suddenly I jumped when Yongguk all of a sudden punched his locker, causing a small dent. "Sorry, I was just really happy, I wanted to punch something." He held up his slightly red fist. "You were seriously jealous because I was hanging out with your friend instead of you?"

I nodded.

"And it made you feel bad because we didn't get to see each other as much as we usually do?"

I nodded again.

Yongguk pouted which looked pretty funny, but in a cute way, "Sorry I was just really busy, but since the showcase is over, I guess you're the center of my attention again."

This time I laughed. OK good. I guess since we have everything settled, I can finally move on. "There's still time to get lunch, did you want to go to the cafet...eria." Yongguk placed his hands on my shoulders and kissed my bottom lip.

"It's been a while since I've last kissed you." Yongguk pulled away, still looking down at my parted lips.

"I usually don't like it when do you that," I said in a soft voice.

"Are you saying that now you do like it."

Before I could give him a reply, I saw him leaning more towards me, but this time I closed the distance between our lips. It was a quick kiss because I heard the voices coming down the hallway so I drew back quickly, but despite how short it was, my cheeks still felt tingly. I forgot how it felt to kiss him.

A/N* so yeah I know people usually like things to happen fast and for the main characters to officially be a couple in the first few chapters or what not, but that's not really my style. I've read too many fanfics where the leads fall in love in like page 4 of chapter 1 and then that's like way too fast for me. Like once the characters are together, then what can you do now lol.

I also like the more stubborn lead female characters who don't easily fall for the main guy because the typical shoujo girl who chases after the guy kind of makes me jfdkskmsjfnfdfdiofvkpo LOL but sorry if I'm the only one who feels like this D:

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