Part 12

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I was woken up by someone knocking on my door "I'm coming!" I yelled pulling my jersey down so who ever it was couldn't see my belly.

"Hello" Eugene smirked as I opened the door. It had been four weeks since our first date and we had, had five more and every one was fucking adorable.

"Hello, how are you?" I asked moving so he could come in.

"I'm fine thanks you?"

"Good thanks" I sat down he sat beside me

"I love what you're wearing"

"I know its amazing"

"Are you wearing the to work because I would be fine with that" I was only in a baggy ass jersey and some shorts.

"Crap, Its Tuesday!" I yelled running off to my bedroom and locking the door.

"Yay?" Eugene said that more like a question.

"Why didn't you say earlier?"  

"Don't fuss there's no rush" He laughed leaning outside of my door.

"What?! How much longer do I have?!" I yelled.

"Just over an hour"

"You're such an ass Eugene" I stepped outside of my room going to the bathroom.

"That hurts my feelings" He huffed.


When I had finally brushed hair, teeth and mucked around with Eugene for a wee bit it was time to leave.

"We're filming a video today" Eugene sung.

"Yes we are" I laughed at how excited he was.

"I hope we get to try food, and I hope its good food" he bounced up and down a wee bit.

"I thought you would want to try alcohol"

"That sounds good too" We talked for a little bit longer till we stopped at some traffic lights.Eugene turned to look at me and it was almost exactly like my dream, If Ashly comes tot wake me up I will scream.

"Y/N I was just, well, I really like you" He paused like he was nervous a rare sight in Eugene.

"I really like you too" I smiled.

"I was just, Ugh Will yo-" He was cut off by the car behind us honking.

"The lights green" I said he quickly drove off. "Continue"

"I don't know why I'm so nervous, Will you be my girlfriend"

"Yes" I laughed glad he asked me. I like that he is respectful toward women and that he is cocky but he's still a nice guy he's not that much of a dick.

"Do you still want to keep it a secret?" He asked as we pulled into the parking lot of BuzzFeed.

"I think that would be best, I don't want to lose my job"

"Lets go then" He walked to the front door of work opening it for me.

"Thanks" I smiled keeping my eyes on the ground all I really wanted to do was kiss him, But I really like my job and I knew that if the boss found out we were dating I doubt he would change a company rule for us.

"Y/N, Eugene!" Ashly skipped over to us We're doing two videos today are you ready?"

"Yes" Eugene and I said at the same time nodding. We headed over to the room we normally filmed things in. Standing in a group together was Gabby, Keith, Zach, Andrew, Quinta, Allison and Justin Which meant we would all be staring in the vid together.

"Hello" Our boss greeted us we all muttered a hi back and he explained what we would be filming and then paired us up "Keith and Zach you go together, which leaves Eugene and Y/N the viewers really seem to like to think you're dating" And as he said the last few words I couldn't help it I let out a loud giggle, That's right a giggle "Is something wrong Y/N?" He asked everyone had eyebrows raised at Eugene and I.

"Um" I tried to think of an excuse "Just the idea of Eugene and I dating, Its funny isn't it" I let out a laugh and a few people lowered the eyebrows.

"Who knows maybe it could happen" Eugene said making me want to turn around and smack him.

"No" I pushed.

"Maybe" Eugene picked up my arm and spun me around to face him everyone expect for our boss awed.

"No" I said stomping my foot and fake pouting.

"Guys we need to film a video, and you're distracting everyone" Our boss said pushing one of the pairs (Quinta and Gabby) toward the small stage type thingy. 

 About fifteen minutes later it was Eugene and my turn Andrew and Justin got up from their chairs and some one took their cups away before telling us to go up "Ready to try some moonshine?"

"Yay!" Was the only response from Eugene and then they gave us a plate of moonshine soaked cherry's. Eugene looked happy and I could Already tell I was fucked.

By the time I got home I had tried moonshine and tomorrow I had to go with Eugene to meet his 'mother' he was going to do drag, Eugene followed me in to my home so I invited him to stay for dinner and after that I ended up suggesting that he should stay for the night and  before I knew it we were cuddling up and watching a movie together.

"I enjoy being your boyfriend" Eugene said smirking at me.

"I enjoy being you girlfriend" I said Eugene kissed me before pulling me up onto his lap and carrying me to the bedroom he placed me onto the bed.

"Is this okay?" Eugene asked me.

"Yeah" I said smiling as Eugene kissed me again before letting it get a whole lot steamier.

Hello guys I am so sorry for the lack of updates and I just want to address a few things about the book. One: Some times time lines won't match up. Two: I'm not always gonna spell names/places right. Three: I update as often as possible and I will finish this book it is my goal. I also just want to say in case you haven't realized I don't have a name for their boss so I thought one of you might want to come up with on or tell me their boss's real name. Who ever has the best one will have the next chapter dedicated to them and that will become the boss's name entry's close when  the next chapter is posted!!   

Love ya Xxx P.s I hope you like this chapter I know its a bit shit sorry.

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