Hey guys i know it's been awhile but i just recently started drivers Ed and i've had lots of homework! But heres a suupper duupper long chapter to make up for it!!


*Elena's P.O.V*

"Yes officer, I'm sure of it." I said almost in tears as the officer questioned me. He is a short, portly man, with a brown fluffy beard and wears a blue uniform a bit too tight for him.

"So, you're telling me you got locked inside the library, and you were poisoned?" He questioned narrowing his eyes at me. He seemed like he didn't believe me. He just wrote a few things down in a notepad he was carrying and casually walked away. I stood there as I felt a couple warm tears roll down my cheeks. Usually, I would never cry, but lately I've cried more than ever. Everything lately has got my head messed up and fuzzy. As the officer walked back over to me I wiped my tears away.

"Okay, so miss I will have one of my officers escort you home, and we will continue to investigate here, does that sound okay?" He asked, he was still writing down things on his notepad as he spoke.

"Yeah, I guess." I said as another officer came over and guided me to a police car. His face looked rather familiar but I couldn't quite figure out who he was. I got into the car and we drove home, neither of us saying a word.


"Elena! Oh my god I was so worried about you! Where were you? I told you to tell me when you would go somewhere." Mom said coming up to me and giving me a big hug. She pulled away from the hug when she saw the officer step into the house.

"W-what's going on? Elena did you get into trouble?" My mom asked, her face changing into concern. I was too weak to say anything, I just went over to the couch a laid my head down, while curling into a ball. My whole body was numb, and I couldn't stop shivering. I heard the officer explaining things to my mom. After he told her everything, his voice dropped into a low whisper as if he was trying to make sure I did not hear what he was saying. I did not care what he was saying, I just wanted a little bit of sleep. Not forced sleep like being poisoned but sleep where I can just clear my mind. I felt myself starting to drift to sleep when I felt a gentle touch on my shoulder.

"Elena, I'm so sorry, but I'm running late for work." I heard my mom say. "But I have some good news, your car is done, it's ready to be picked up. If you wanted to go get it I left the keys and a bus pass on the counter top. I'll be home tonight, but try to get some rest, love you." She placed a gentle kiss on my forehead before grabbing her keys and walking out the door. I felt myself getting off the couch and heading for the keys on the counter. I didn't have time to sleep, I needed answers, and I needed them now.

While grabbing the keys off the counter, I stuffed the bus pass in my pocket and left the house. I started for the bus stop and took out my cell phone. It was a quarter till twelve and the bus didn't come till 11:55 so I have ten minutes to get to the bus. I walked slowly and zombie like towards the bus stop and couldn't think about anything. There were too many questions running around in my head to think clearly.

Once on the bus I sat next to an old man reading a newspaper. He read it out loud to himself and sat with his legs crossed. I tried to ignore him, but I couldn't. His voice was low and rough and it seemed as if he had a sore throat. He'd cough every now and then, and then continue reading. Then he began to read about a guy who is wanted for murder. The police have recently lost contact with him, and he's dangerous.

"Dillard is wanted for murder, and if found, call 1-800-crime stoppers immediately." The old man said in his croaky voice.

"Excuse me, what did you just say?" I said, his words suddenly sparking my attention.