《Chapter 05》

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Karasuma's POV

"Don't look away! Predict your target's moves! If you all do that, you'll block every last one of his escape routes!"

We're on our fourth month of training, and more and more students are showing promise. Isogai Yuma and Maehara Hiroto. They've got great reflexes, and, when working as a pair, their knife hits the mark more often. Akabane Karma. He seems like the evasive, meandering type at first glance, but there's great mischief in those eyes. Okano Hinata's unpredictable movements born out of her gymnastics background, and Kataoka Meg with the reach and momentum to rival most of the boys. These traits made them stand out as attackers.

And Korosensei, the very model of an ideal teacher. To kill such a man of character would be unthinkable!

"Don't making thought for me. Get loss target!"


Although none of the other students have distinguished themselves, their talent has come quite a long way. Wait! This bloodlust! I try to push them away from my back and make them fall. But one of them manages to defend and block my attack—the other, not so much.

"Ow, that hurt."


"Sorry!" I raced over to Nagisa and (Y/N). "I put a little too much oomph in my block there. Are you guys okay?"

"I'm fine! I managed to block it, but not Nagisa," said (Y/N) as if nothing happened.

Shiota Nagisa and (Y/N)... the strange presence that I just felt—was that my imagination?


"Man, I just can't hit him!"

"Karasuma sensei has, like, zero chinks." Kurahashi came near Karasuma and asked him.

"Karasuma sensei! Come out for a snack with us after class!"

"I appreciate the invite, but we still have work to do," Karasuma denied. He just walk passed Kurahashi without looking at her face. All the students say he has no chinks in his private either. It's more like there's a wall between him and the students. Like he's keeping his distance.

"Yo Karasuma!" A man came carrying many bags.


Time skip to the next day 'cause I'm to lazy

"Now, things are going to start getting a little tough, but I have delicious sweets prepared for you for when it's over!" exclaimed Takaoka. All the students laugh when he makes jokes and Karma cuts his class like always. "Along with your new training regimen comes a new schedule! Let's get to work!"

"Hey! Wait a minute! This is impossible! With so little time for learning, our grade will plummet!" Maehara folded his arms.

Takaoka put his hand on Maehara's head and kicked him in the stomach with his knee. "'We can't' nothing. You will."

"Maehara!" (Y/N) ran to Maehara and gave Takaoka a death glare. "Takaoka sensei, enough with hurting him!"

"Well, well, look at who we have here. There's someone who wants to be a hero." He tried to punch her but (Y/N) blocked it easily. Then (Y/N) tried to kick him in the stomach but he caught her foot. "You know what? You did a really great job when blocking my punch. But you still can't hit me."

He pushed her foot, causing (Y/N) to lose her balance and fall. But she still managed to stand on her feet before hitting the hard ground very hard. (Y/N) sighed in relief. All of her friends gasped. They didn't know how great (Y/N) was to be able to block attack thrown at her without any injury except for Karasuma. He already knew about her ability at defense and attack since he read her profile from the government.

"Takaoka, stop this nonsense! You're supposed train them, not injure them," shouted Karasuma from afar. He approached his students with concern for their condition.

"Well Karasuma, this is how I teach my students, and they're now my students, not yours anymore," Takaoka laughed insanely which made all the students kinda scared. "How about you choose one or two of your students to fight against me? If they win, I will not teach them anymore. But if they lose, I will be the one who teach them from now on."

"Tch. Fine. Nagisa, come here," commanded Karasuma.

"But sensei, are you sure want to send Nagisa to fight against him?" asked Okajima.

"We don't have any choice. I'm sure he can defeat him."

Nagisa took out the knife that was given by Takaoka and steadied himself on his position. Nagisa walked forward slowly with a smile on his face. Takaoka just smiled as if he knew Nagisa's next move. (Y/N), on the other hand, watched the match seriously.

He really is something. She smiled for she knew Nagisa's current thoughts.

"Takaoka sensei, you lost this match," (Y/N) smiled innocently. As she predicted, Nagisa won the fight and that scared Takaoka.

Takaoka got really angry. He tried to get up and attack Nagisa again, but Asano Gakuho stopped him. He warned Takaoka to not come back to Kunugigaoka Junior High School. Out of fright, Takaoka ran away from class E.

"What did I miss?" asked the red-haired boy who popped out of nowhere. (Y/N) was startled from his sudden question. When the others weren't looking, (Y/N) hit Karma's back for her vengeance.

"That's for startling me. You missed everything. Even the main event for today," (Y/N) explained. "Anyway, Karasuma sensei said he'll treat us with a few sweets. Do you want to come or not?"

"If you force me to," smirked Karma.

"I'm not forcing you, you know! It's up to you, Mr. I'm too cool to join," said (Y/N) irritatedly as she ran to the others. Karma just shook his head, smiling, and followed her.



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