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Pen Your Pride


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Have you ever thought about the structure of our fate? Is it unchangeable, woven together even before our being? Or maybe we have set paths, each one of them leading to a different ending.

Emma Swan often found herself wondering... what if? There was one moment that forged her corse, and decided her fate. What if it had not happened?

For Emma Swan that moment was long before she was even thought of. A large forest, covered in military tents and wagons carried supplies to and fro. Some carts carried bodies of the wounded, most of which were practically ripped to shreds. This horrific battle camp was the very forgery of her being. Her fate spot.

All it took was the lift of a curtain; a man named Rumplestiltskin was to hear from a see-er. She spoke the truth, but if he had not heard this, if he had not lifted up the cloth and listened to her claims, he would have fought in battle the next day bravely. And the days after that, until his time at war was over. He was one of the most decorated soldier in his regiment, but he now was to return to his lovely wife Milah, who had been with child while he was away. Their new baby son was born, Baelfire, a name for a true hero's son.

His wife never ran off with a pirate. His life was good because he had done the right thing. He deserved it. However one change ripples the entire picture. Rumple never grew cowardly and seeked power, so Zoso remained the Dark One. He never abandoned his little boy Bae, and therefore never needed a way to another realm.

This is where the story grows. Rumple never met that beautiful stranger who wished to spin straw into gold. He never taught magic to the beautiful Cora, but she did fall in love with a heir to the throne. It was true, and soon she had a beautiful daughter, Regina, her first born.

Princess Ava married Prince Leopold in their arranged marriage, but they had real feelings for each other as well, and years later a beautiful baby girl was born with hair as dark as night, lips as red as blood, and skin as white as snow.

Zoso had still managed to mess with many, one including the Nolan family, a young couple with new born twins. Their farm was failing, and the deal would give them what the needed. James, the older twin, was taken away and given to King George and his wife. They had been in love once too, but her inability to give him a child has afflicted her. Even with the adopted son they had claimed as their own, it had already taken its toll on her. She died of depression four years later. The cold and calculating king raised his son alone, creating a stubborn, and murderous heir. Until one day that got the best of him and he was killed by a great beast.

Zoso fixed up any loose strings though, in exchange for his mother's safety, the other twin, David, agreed to act as James and pretend to kill a dragon to uphold alliances, but in a flurry of chaos, the king had soon forced him to take the hand of King Mitus' daughter Abigail. This is the romantic story we all love, but a little different.

In a nearby kingdom, a horse was spooked- this time it truly was an accident- and Regina saved the life of a young girl, Snow White. In this life time Regina had not known love, her stable boy had died before he even met her, at the hands of an ogre, so when the king proposed- he was now an older man with the sadness of his dead wife still lingering- she had said yes, because she saw herself in the young girl.

The family was whisked away to her royal wedding, and all was well. Snow White had grown into a beautiful young lady and the kingdom was just about to celebrate her 20th birthday, but the wars were spreading into their boundaries, and Misthaven was already in debt. She made a foolish mistake, a deal with Zoso. He promised to keep the Ogres from crossing their border. In return, she had to bring him Regina's wedding ring. She hadn't known the price, no one ever does, but now she was forced to steal the golden ring from Regina's bedside table. She took it to Zoso, fulfilling her deal and ending it. She never returned that night.

She lived in the forest, running away for Regina yes, but in this time it was not to kill her. Her stepmother was very fond of her. She missed her daughter very much.

And the story's finally became intertwined. She stole a wedding ring from some neighboring kingdom's Prince, with hopes of sending it home on a bird and asking for forgiveness. This Prince was not letting it go that easily. It was all he had left off his mother.

Prince James, secretly David, tracked her down, but the two feel in love and the rest is history. King George was eventually overthrown, and Zoso, he was locked into a magic cave deep under the earth. The couple was married, and ruled with a steady hand over both of their childhood kingdoms. Regina lived on, but Snow's dad eventually passed. His death was mourned by all, even the wife who had eventually come to love the quirky fellow. She stepped down from rule and gave it to her stepdaughter and son in law, living out the rest of her days in the palace.

Soon word spread of a heir, a baby that was now due any day. The king and queen were delighted, as was Regina. The kingdom celebrated their longest period of uninterrupted peace during the young heiress's childhood. Emma Swan, true gem and beauty, beloved by all of her people. She had golden curls with wide green eyes full of mystery and curiosity much like the forest, waiting to be explored, and as she grew she only blossomed more.

There was, however, still darkness in their perfect little world. One man's life had gone practically unchanged, if not worse. Name of Killian Jones. His beloved brother Liam died at the fault of a king by a treacherous poison. A filthy lie was all it took and Liam was gone. That was the day he changed. His eyes sunk to slits, the beautiful blue color fading to a smoky black. He took back his ship that day, away from the bloody liar of a king, and ruled with an iron fist, Captain of the Jolly Roger.

With all that had happened, Milah never left Rumple, and never met Killian. He had many a bar wench, but never loved another living soul since the death of his brother. He stole, pillaged, cheated. He lived by the drive of greed and lust, and the red in his heart had almost faded to the sickening color of the deepest of blacks, when everything changed.

I was extremely sleep deprived and got a great idea, so this was thought up and written in a couple of minutes. I am trying my best to fall asleep without my head exploding with plot ideas, but this is a quick little peek. If you enjoyed this consider yourselves lucky because I will be taking it down soon for more editing, but I really need feedback.

Many thanks to any who can lend some thoughts. Just a few moments of your time to tell me if I should continue this.

Also do not fret over Not Over Yet. It will be finished and there will, 99% positive, be a lovely sequel with the cover featuring Emma in a lovely white dress and veil, and our Captain Killy all dressed up in a fancy suit. Yes I intend to sometime write a wedding in that series. If you have no clue what I am talking about right now, please feel free to check out my four book series of Captain Swan, including a lovely Christmas Eve ball and many cs moments- and by the time you catch up maybe even a wedding!

Many thanks, getting some sleep now hopefully. What did you think?

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