Walking around taking pictures to you might sound weird but I love see new things and different cultures.  I had finally found the perfect spot and shot for this photo.

I raised my camera to take the picture but now there was a man standing in the way but the picture was amazing.  So I took it any way.  The thing is I still had my flash on and he noticed it and started walking over here. 

"Hi, I 'm sorry to bother you but did you just take a picture of me?" He asked 

"No... I mean yes but you weren't there just a minute ago and I went to take the shot but you walked in."  I said truthfully 

"Hey its fine but I was just asking because I really needed I reason to come over here.  You see I was watching you over there taking picture and I you were weird at first but then I looked at what you were taking a picture of and it was very beautiful."  I blushed when he said that and gave him a little smile.

"Thank you, some people think its weird of me to take pictures of random things." I said quietly 

"There not weird.  You just see them in a different way and anyone else does and that's a good thing."

It was silent there for a moment but he started to ask me something again.   

"Just in-case of picture emergencies may I have your phone number." he asked

I just stood there in silence but I decided to give it to him but I said "Only for picture emergencies, promise."

"I promise it will only be for picture emergencies, maybe and thank you.  Talk to you later.  Wait whats your name."

"Its Clary, Clary Fray and yours."

"Mine is Jace.... Jace Herondale" he said walking off into the rain.  While I walk the same way but stop by the coffee shop to get plane back coffee.  I payed for the coffee and walked back outside to see if there were any more good pictures I could take and then my phone started to ring.  I pulled it out from my pocket and answer it.

"Hi I think I found the perfect picture."  I smiled as I knew exactly whom it was.  Jace.


"Yes really!....."

"Okay were are you?"

"Walk down the street a little past the coffee shop, turn right and you should see me."

"Okay be there in a second."

"Expecting you too be." he said while I smiled 

I get up from the bench and walk past the coffee shop and turned right and he was right there.

"Told you.  Now look straight that way and tell me what you see."

Picture to the side is the one she took---------------------->>>>>>>>>>>>  

I looked the way he pointed to and seen the castle and it looked beautiful.

"Wow, its beautiful"

"Told you and hey can I ask you something?"

"Yeah" I said while pulling out my camera and snapping the picture.

"Will you go out on a date with me?"

"I would love to" I say smiling and blushing at the same time.

"So I will pick you up here tomorrow night at 7 pm okay."

"Okay see you tomorrow"  I said waving goodbye and as I started to ahead home.  I started walking home but I stopped when I saw the sky.  It was beautiful so I did what I would normally do... I took a picture.  

Finally I reached my house.  I walk upstairs and get my pj's on then climb into bed falling into a dreamless night.

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