The Mystery of the Avengers Tower

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So I got this idea after reading a few fandics and iI didn't mean to steal any ideas. Sorry for the stupid title. 

Tony's POV

 I woke up in the morning with my arms wrapped around Pepper. I yawned and slowly slid my arms out front Pepper's grasp and padded to the bathroom. After I finished brushing my teeth I went to the kitchen. I made a beeline for the coffee machine when I heard rustling. I turned around and there I saw a kid who was about five sitting at the kitchen table coloring something. His sandy blond hair reminded me of someone but I just couldn't put my finger on it. I slowly set my coffee cut down and said, "Hey kid." The boy did not look up form his drawing and acted like he never heard him, odd. I decided that this was a job for Pepper. I went to the bedroom and whispered, "Hey, Pep, wake up." She groaned and said, "What do you want!" I replied, "There is a unknown boy sitting in the kitchen." This got Pepper up she climbed out of the bed and quickly went to the bathroom and brushed her teeth and came back out. We both went to the kitchen together and she saw for her own eyes that there indeed was a kid with sandy blond hair coloring at the kitchen table. She walked up to the boy and said hi, but again he didn't seem to hear her. I took a closer look at the kid and I saw that he had chunky hearing aids in his ears. I told Pepper and she slowly reached out and waved a hand in front of the boys face and he looked up at Pepper. He put a hand behind his ears, probably to turn his aids on. He said hi. Pepper said, "Hi can I ask you a few questions?" The boy put down the purple crayon he had been holding and  looked up at Pepper," Sure." Pepper smiled

Ok what is your name?


Ok, how old are you?


Who are your parents?

Mumma and Daddy tolds me not to tell.

Ok then thank you!

 Then the newly named boy, Jeremy smiled and went back to coloring. Pepper whispered to me, who do you think his parents are? I don't know. Don't think it would be Jolly Green, I mean really the Hulk having a kid, no just no. 

So that rules out Bruce.


don't thinkt it would be Cap, but you never know, and don't think it would be Point Break, cause that would be just plain weird.


So that leaves, Legolas or our favorite Russian Assasian.

Don't think it would be them.

"How do you know", I said

Well, they just don't seen like the peole who would have a kid.

I shruged

Then me and Pep left the room with Jeremy now coloring with a red crayon.

So who's do you think little Jer's parents are? Hint: His dad is an Avenger(another kindof hint, his mom does not have to be an avenger) so comment below who you think his parents are.  Thanks for reading!

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