Chapter 24

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Ella and Dr. Martinez before Max knew they were related.


After dinner, Jenn was sitting and talking to Nudge and Ella outside the cave. Jenn's back was to the cave and they were discussing college and the Art Institute. Nudge really wanted to go into fashion but she didn't know many place she could go to study so Jenn mentioned Ai.

"It's a really great program," Jenn said, snuggling up in Iggy's hoodie. Who knew it could get so cold in Arizona? "They immediately give you hands on classes, they have so many intern opportunities and the classes are all based around your field of study."

"What does that mean?" Ella asked.

"Your core classes like English, science and math are all focused on what you're studying. Like when I studied Photography, I had a "science of light" class to learn about lighting for your pictures. It was such a helpful and fun class. I—"

Suddenly there was a small explosion right behind Jenn. It was small, but very loud and it caused her to scream and jump to her feet. She turned around, shaking, and saw Gazzy holding his stomach and laughing.

"That scream was amazing!" he cackled, slapping his knee.

Jenn felt tears coming to her eyes but she faked a laugh. "Haha... Yeah, Gazzy, that was hilarious. Uhm... I'm- I'm going to go for a walk..."

She turned to walk down the path by the cave when Nudge called out to her, "Do you want me to join you?"

"No, it's okay, Nudge."

"But it's dark—"

"I said it's okay, Nudge!" Jenn accidentally yelled at her and she felt bad immediately. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to yell. I'm fine. I just want to be left alone for a bit." With that, Jenn disappeared into the darkness.

A couple minutes later, Iggy came out of the cave. "Hey Jenn, are you okay? I heard Gazzy's little explosion and I wanted to come check on you. Jenn?"

"She went for a walk," Ella said.

"But she was acting mad weird," Nudge added.

"Did she say why she left?"

"No," Nudge shook her head, confused.

"But, now that I think about it," Ella said, standing up and walking over to Iggy and Nudge. "It was right after Gazzy set off that explosion right behind her to scare her."

"Gazzy did what!?" Iggy shouted. "Gazzy! Gasman! Where the hell are you!?"

"In here. What's wrong?" Gazzy walked out of the cave eating a fried chicken leg.

"You set off an explosion behind Jenn?"

"Yeah, but it was a tiny one, plus she laughed it off. Why?"

"Jenn is terrified of explosions and now she's gone."

"Who's gone?" Fang asked as he and Max walked out of the cave.

"Jenn. I have to go find her," he turned to leave when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"Not alone," Max said.

He smiled a worried smile and they all split up. Angel, Fang and Gazzy took to the skies while Iggy, Max and Nudge searched on foot. Ella and Dr. Martinez waited back at the cave in case Jenn came back.

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