Chapter 23

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A beautiful breakdown of the Flock from how their wings look to their age difference. I love this picture. Props to the artist. All rights reserved and all that jazz. I'm not claiming this photo in any way.


Iggy came out of the cave laughing with Fang and Gazzy. Fang gave Jenn and nod and took off, hitting her with a gust from his raven-like wings. Gazzy kind of stared at her as he walked by. He was like half her age and it made her slightly uncomfortable but she just shrugged it off.

"You ready?" Iggy asked her once Gazzy took off. She turned to see his pale, fit chest right in front of her. She put up her hand in shock and he stepped closer to her, grinning down at her. "Are you okay?" He chuckled, sensing her nervousness.

"I uh- yeah; I'm fine," She stuttered out. "I just- you- uh- um- you- you scared me. That's all."

"Right," he laughed again and picked her up bridal-style and fluttered down to the lake with the others. He took note of how soft her skin was and he could feel goosebumps rising on her skin to his touch. He sat her down and smiled. She fixed her suit anxiously and then took his hand, pulling him towards the water.

They splashed around in the water for a bit with Angel and Max showing off their ability to breathe underwater. Jenn was pleased to see Max sort of accept her in a way. She didn't know what made Max change her mind, but she was really happy to be able to stand next to her and laugh with her instead of Max burning a hole into her head. She wasn't as talkative as Nudge, but Max still said a few words here and there to Jenn. Iggy seemed to be the happiest out of all of them. He was beaming brighter than the Arizona sun because he was with his favorite people in the entire messed up world and they all got along. He had been worrying about how they would take Jenn but here they were, playing in the lake and joking and laughing, not leaving anyone out.

After a while, Jenn and Iggy got tired and sat on the shore under an umbrella that Dr. Martinez had brought along. Jenn was laid out on her back and Iggy rested on his back beside her, happily listening to his surroundings. Their pinkies were linked and they were content.

"Why didn't you tell me Ella was Max's sister?" Jenn asked casually, sitting up on her elbows. Iggy sort of tensed up and turned his ear to her.

"Did Nudge tell you?"

"I asked Nudge, she didn't just randomly tell me. Why didn't you tell me that was her?" Jenn giggled. "I don't mind, you know. I don't really get jealous."

Iggy shrugged. "I guess it would have sounded weird if I told you that I kissed Max's sister. I mean, I tell everyone Max is my sister because she is, but not by blood, so that just makes it one whole confusing mess if you don't know all the details."

Jenn snickered and lay back down. "I suppose you're right. That does sound a bit weird."

Iggy relaxed next to her, kissing her hand.

"She's pretty," Jenn said after a bit of silence.

"But not as pretty as you are."

"How would you know?" Jenn scoffed quietly, but she immediately regretted it. She covered her mouth and looked at him, hoping he didn't hear her.

Iggy was quiet for a moment. Jenn saw him clenching his jaw and she knew he was mad. She didn't know that he wasn't mad about her comment regarding his blindness, though. He was mad because she didn't find herself beautiful.

"Damnit, Jenn!" He suddenly shouted, sitting up. "I know I can't see you but god dammit, you're the most beautiful girl I have ever fucking met! And excuse my French, but I don't know how else to get this across to you! Your skin is so soft and your voice is fucking angelic. Your smell is intoxicating and I constantly want to run my fingers through your god damned hair. I'm always torn between kissing you and hearing you talk. I don't give a shit if I can't see you, well I mean I do, but that's not the point right now! The point right now is that I fucking love you and every single thing about you and I would rather be blind and have you by my side than see for the rest of my life without you." At this point Iggy was standing up and Jenn could feel the Flock watching them.

"Iggy I-" She stood up, too.

Iggy cut her off, "Don't you dare apologize again. Just kiss me and tell me you won't do that shit again." He took her wrist and pulled her close, crashing his lips into hers.

After a while they pulled apart to breathe and Jenn slowly opened her eyes to look up at him.

"I'm s-"

Iggy cut her off with another quick, harsh kiss. "Try again."

"I'll be better about i-"

He cut her off by roughly kissing her again. "Nope."

"I... Won't say that stuff anymore...?"

He cupped her chin in his hand and smiled, kissing her softer this time. "There you go."

"Everyone's watching us," she whispered against his lips.

"Let them..." he breathed, his eyes still closed.


Suddenly they were splashed with a load of water, causing them to break apart.

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