Chapter 22

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If you haven't read the books, Max and Fang are involved... Romantically... So think of their conversation here in that way.


After Iggy had had enough of Max yelling at him, he called out to the Gasman and the peeled off from the Flock along with a couple hawks.

"Maybe you should just give Jenn a chance," Fang said, flying up next to Max.

"Yeah," Nudge said quietly, "She seems like a really nice person and I like her shoes."

"If we judged everyone's niceness by their shoes, Nudge, the world would be chaotic," Max said, rolling her eyes.

"Iggy really likes her," Angel said. They all turned to her and waited for more. "I took a quick peek into his mind when he was with her earlier and he really, really likes her."

Max stopped and hovered for a second as she thought. "Will you look into her mind and see her intentions, Angel?" Angel nodded and Max looked back to the cliff where their hidden cave was. "Let's head back for now." The others nodded and flew off in that direction, but Fang stayed behind and peered into her eyes.

"I understand why you're on guard but-"

"He's like my kid, Fang, they all are," Max said, cutting him off. "And you remember what happened with his parents... I just don't want him to get hurt again." Fang took Max's hand, reassuringly, and then he flew off, too, leaving her to follow.

Jenn was sitting with Dr. Martinez and Ella when Max flew in. Max nodded at Angel.

"So how did you meet Iggy?" Angel asked innocently.

"Well I had noticed him a few times at the library, but I never had the courage to talk to him. Then one day, after convincing myself to talk to him, I left the library without so much as a hello to him and I was so angry at myself. Then suddenly I heard books hit the pavement and I turned to see a jogger yelling at Iggy, telling him to 'Watch it!' and Iggy yelled back with 'I can't!'"

"Sounds like him," Nudge laughed. She was leaning in with her chin in her hand and her elbows on her knees.

"Doesn't it?" Jenn laughed, too. "Well, I waited to see if he needed any help picking up his books. He couldn't find the third one, so I walked over and handed it to him. We talked for a bit, and then went our separate ways. The next day I actually approached him and he remembered me and I was so happy. And we've pretty much hung out every day since. So... Yeah..."

Angel glanced and Max and smiled, but Jenn didn't notice.

"I'm coming back!" Jenn heard Iggy yell from outside the cave. "You can stop talking about me now!"

"Damn, and we were just getting to the juicy bit about how you have this thing where you-" Jenn started but Nudge cut her off.

"No, no, no! Don't tell him!" The two of them erupted in laughter and Iggy's eyebrows knit together, causing him to have a big dimple in the middle of his forehead.

Jenn poked it, "Relax. It was only a joke."

Iggy took her finger and gently kissed the tip of it. Jenn blushed, pulling her finger back in embarrassment.

"S-So what's the plan for today?" She asked nervously.

"Well I guess we could swim for a bit?" Nudge suggested. The others nodded and they all went to change, the girls going first and kicking the guys out of the cave.

"Will you tie my suit?" Nudge asked Jenn because Max was working on Ella's.

"Only if you return the favor," Jenn smiled. She almost forgot how to tie the strings because she was so distracted by Nudge's tawny wings. "Your wings are so beautiful," she said as she finished up.

Nudge turned around as Jenn turned and pulled her long black hair aside. "Thanks," she said. "I like them too. I like my wing color the best. Max's are pretty and Angel's are- well- angelic but Fang's are just so black and Iggy's and Gazzy's are kind of bland."

"I wish I had wings. I've always wanted to fly," Jenn said softly.

Nudge smiled as Jenn turned around. "Well I guess you kinda get to now, huh? I know it's not the same, but it's kinda close."

"Hey, Nudge," Jenn quickly whispered once the others left the cave. She turned back to Jenn with curiosity in her eyes. "I don't have a problem with this but is Ella 'Iggy's-first-kiss-Ella'?"

Nudge nodded and it was all Jenn could do to refrain from laughing. Nudge saw her face and giggled some herself.

"Okay we're done!" Nudge called out. "Do you want me to fly you down there, Jenn?"

Before Jenn could answer, Iggy cut in, "No I'll get her. Just wait out here and I'll be out in a sec, Jenn."

"Oh ah- Okay..." Jenn blushed again, looking down at her bikini and back up at Nudge who winked and then took off.

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