Chapter 18

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"So what's it like to fly?" Jenn asked Iggy over dinner one night.

Well it was sort of 'over' dinner. Honestly, they were walking down the street and Iggy was holding her belt loop because her hands were full. She took a bite out of her burrito. Jenn loved Taco Bell and she ate there a good two to three times a week.

"Iggy?" She realized he was lost in thought and spoke a bit louder to get his attention.

"Hmm?" He blinked.

"Flying. What's it like?"

"Oh..." A smile grew on his face jsut thinking about it. "Exhilarating. It's amazing feeling the warmth of the sun on your back and the wind in your hair and feathers. And we can go up to really high altitudes because of the air sacks in our lungs. We once got to fly with some hawks at Lake Meade. We've learned so much from them; like how to properly bank and quick and easy ways to land."

"That sounds amazing," Jenn mused.

"It was. We go back and meet up there whenever we can. We're going again on the 4th of July. The firework show that can be seen from there sounds amazing. The others have described it to me and it's beautiful. I'm really just there for the explosions, though," he chuckled. He took a sip of his drink and got an idea. "Hey, Jenn?"


"I want you to meet the Flock. I want you to meet my family. You know, Max and them."

Jenn stopped walking and looked at Iggy in shock. "You mean it?!"

Iggy nodded, smiling; at first he was worried about how she would respond. He had never introduced anyone to the Flock. I mean, Ella had already met them and Tess went to school with them, but no one really interested him enough to go that far. The less people knew about him, the better.

"Oh my goodness I would be honored to meet them!" Jenn exclaimed. "I would hug you right now but you would probably be covered in beans and Mountain Dew! Oh Iggy I'm so happy! Thank you!"

He certainly hadn't expected her to respond like this, but damn, he sure as hell was happy she did.

"When do you want me to meet them?" she asked.

"I want you to come with me to Lake Meade and celebrate the 4th of July with us." Iggy paused and realized what he was asking of her with the fireworks involved. "But I could always ask them to change the day," he quickly added.

"I couldn't ask you guys to do that. It's a tradition and I don't want you to change it because of me. Honestly, I'll be fine. They're just fireworks." They started walking again, towards her apartment. "Besides, if you're there, I know I can face my fears. So how are we getting there?"

"We fly."

"Oh planes can be fun. I'll have to save up some money to be able to buy a ticket but-"

Iggy cut her off. "No. We fly." He put emphasis on fly and sort of motioned behind him subtly enough that only Jenn caught his actions.

Her eyes grew wide and she stopped walking. "Oh! We fly!" Her mood seemed to cloud over but then she became happy again. "We'll fly then!" She giggled, hooking arms with him and walking with a skip in her step.

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