Chapter 35 - The Ghost of You

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"The past is a ghost, the future is a dream, and all we ever have is now." - Bill Cosby


The feathered femme found herself pacing about her chamber, one hand behind her back and the other caressing her beak. Her digits traced the outline of the opticless mask, slipping beneath it and touching the black liquid that still lingered from many days ago. From the day that Tyrest had his downfall, the day Gears lost an optic, just like The Legion once did.

Was her name truly that anymore? She was going to known by a different name. She would not suffer from an identity crisis. The Legion, Nameless, and now Tonictalon. Her true designation left a bittersweet taste in her mouth. Such a tangy sensation to begin with, but it ended so fast, quickly turning into the taste like stale energon. It curdled.

"Tonictalon. Tonictalon."

She found herself continuously repeating it. Each time she said it, it had a different effect. First it was disgust. She still secretly hated her name, and there was no clear answer to why. Of course, there was a reason, but it was murky; clouded and distorted.

'The Legion' felt for natural. 'Nameless' was just something she'd gotten too use to. But now that her true name was announced, it was going to feel . . . abnormal. To say it, and to hear it.

Her attention shot to the cell's doorway. The blue, electric bars faded with a long, loud sizzling sound. It sounded as though a snake crept through the bars and tangling itself about the atmosphere. Hissing.

Next to Rung stood a taller mech. He wore a long frown. It was hard to miss. His armor was blue and he seemed as though he could take out even Metroplex. It was Ultra Magnus, 'Duly Appointed Enforcer of the Tyrest Accord' as he often labeled his mail.

"I was given direct orders from Rodimus not to address you in any way, shape, or form," Ultra Magnus said, casting his attention to the femme before him. "After all you've done . . . But you're very lucky Rung and I are much more sympathetic than Rodimus. Why did you wish to see me?"

"I need to go and see someone aboard your ship," the femme replied. "This information is very important. So important, in fact, it may give two people relief from the past." Ultra Magnus raised an optic ridge.

"What's the information?" He asked, and Tonictalon shook her head.

"Classified," she answered. "I must speak to Goldgears and Goldgears only."

Ultra Magnus merely questioned it more. Tonictalon looked at the red, proud Autobot symbol that perched itself on the mech's shoulders. She found herself feeling her own shoulder; she was touching the Decepticon insignia that was covered by her cape. The emblems had never looked so different until now.

Her gaze drifted from his Autobot icon and back to his stern expression, his blue optics cutting into her, almost inching to give her a life sentence. She could feel the heat, and something that definitely didn't have the warm sensation like 'sympathy'.

After the pause and a frown from Rung, Ultra Magnus sighed.

"Rodimus will be very upset, Nameless," he said, and the femme raised an hand to stop him right there. Her pointer digit stuck out, and she wagged it, shaking her head. 

"I had once thought it best to remain anonymous. Or, should I say, nameless." She glanced over at Rung, remembering all that he'd done for her. "But I don't think like that anymore. My name is Tonictalon. Grant me permission to talk to little Goldy."

Ultra Magnus paused. Rodimus would be upset that he hadn't listened. But since when was Rodimus happy with anyone's decision besides his own, even if it was wrong? The Enforcer's optics looked to Rung for some kind of guidance, and after some thought, the therapist nodded.

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