Rem and Chapter 1

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Her name is Rem. She is a Fox Demon and one of the last of her kind. She has Red fur and large bushy tail and ears. She's fairly short standing at about 5'1 with long red hair. Her eye color is usually green but when she's angry and more than one tails pop out her eyes turn white with no pupil aka as her real demon form. Her canines are long like a usual predator but grow when she's in her real Demon form. She has inhuman strength and speed. She has plenty of flexibility and can get out of almost any small spot. She's a natural born Nen user. Her Nen ability Dance of the Dead allows her to feed someone her blood when of the brink of Death and they heal within minutes. However. If the person dies before they can heal it causes her to grow sick and take in any wounds the person has been inflicted with. Animals will automatically fight with her if she's in danger. Anything else can be found out through out my story.

"What are you doing there?" A husky voice asked me. I whirled around to face him and watched his eyes grow.
"Your a person?" Now it was my turn to be shocked. I jumped up and bared my teeth at him before disappearing from his sight. He followed however. After almost a mile of running both of us at full speed. He took some cards out making my ears twitch as the whizzed past me. I stopped and spun around. This guy was amazing. To keep up with me and almost land an attack.
"What's your name?" I asked him standing on two legs.
"An anonymous magician. What are you?"
"A Kitsune Yokai. How can you keep up with me?"
"Hmm? Because I'm strong. And very fast." He purred the last word and I didn't doubt it. That's what my animal instincs told me.
"Tell me more about fox demons." He said huskily, relaxing his stance and putting the cards away making my ear twitch again.
"I don't trust you enough for that. But I'll tell you I am. I am a humanoid Demon. I'm not sure about my history because bad things happened before I could learn but I know I have to stay hidden from the world." Maybe that was too much information.
"Hmm." He hummed at me putting his chin between his thumb and curled up pointer finger. I watched all if his movements for a while while he thought.
"Care to accompany me for awhile?" He asked after almost 4 minutes of silence between us.
"Depends on where."
"My... Temporary place of residence. I'd like to know more about you if you will." My eyes widened.
"I refuse. I may not be totally human but I know what mating is. That isn't going to happen." He chuckled huskily.
"That wasn't what I was speaking about but I'd be happy to oblige should you want to."
"Why would a stranger ask me to come home with them? You don't know anything about me. I don't know anything about you except that your dangerously close to my speed and strength." I noted how his eyes darkened when I said he wasn't as strong or fast. His pride was the easiest way to get to know his real character.
"Because you looked like you were hunting for food yes? I had been watching a cute fluffy tail for almost 10 minutes before I approached you. You can eat and have a place to stay for the night while you muse me in what you are." My insticts told me I wasn't in any danger at the moment. Let's try harder.
"And should someone come to try and kill me for what I am? I'm constantly being hunted down you know... What will you do then?"
"I'll kill them for trying to take away my entertainment." He answered immediately. Pride.
"How can you protect someone who is stronger than you and still can't protect herself?" He surprised me by smiling wider.
"I guess we'll just have to find out. Care to come with me?"
"Heavens Arena." He started walking away from me and after several seconds I followed him. To be honest he had me at food. I'm a predatory species what do you want from me? I just wanted to test him to see if I say one wrong thing I could end up in a fight. He would at least take my third tail should we fight. Maybe even my fourth. He seems scary strong for a human. I've never met anyone to beat my second tail and I've only had up to my 6th tail out. 122 years ago. The night it all happened.
"I'm taking to the roofs." I muttered to him as we got to a more populated area. I jumped up and was shocked to see him follow.
"Should we run?" He asked me with his golden eyes burning with curiosity.
"I'll race you." Is that what he wanted? To see which one is faster? Fine.
"Of course." He said before taking off. I stayed behind a second to measure his speed. He was just a flash. Barely visible. I felt a predpredatory grin appear on my face as I took off after him on all fours. When I caught up to him he raised an eyebrow at me with an amused smirk of his own. I winked at him before speeding up and passing him. He caught up to me as we both hit our top speeds, jumping from roof to roof. I saw the large tower and sped up even more to jupm up to the roof of that one as well.
"Leave your window open. I can't walk through the lobby." I called back to him. I'll admit. I was having fun for the first time in my life. It's not very often a demon meets an equally fast person in a human. I jumped up, leaving a hole in the roof I had used to propel myself up with. He stayed there and looked at the hole with curiosity before looking at me fly through the air. A cats grin appeared on his face as he jumped down and walked into the doors. I landed on the roof with a quiet thud and listened for an opening of a window. After a few minutes I heard it on the other side of the building. I ran over and looked down. I saw him poking his head out of the window and looking up. A cheshire cat smile on his lips still. I smiled and jumped down. His eyes widened. What did he think I was gonna scale the building? Demons can't do everything after all. I caught the window sill with my hands and pulled myself up to grin at him.
"I'm a demon. Not a ninja." I told him while I jumped through and landed on his bed in a criss cross style. He closed the window and curtain.
"Where's the food?" I asked him to which he nfufu'd. He took out a bag and handed me a box and a plastic spoon.
"I got this from the cafeteria on the way up. It's not the best but it will do for now." He said huskily sitting in a chair across from the bed.
"So tell me. How old are you?" He asked as I started eating.
"Technically I'm about 25 physically. I age about every 10 years or so. I'll stop aging when I meet a mate. Then I'll have kits and start aging again when they stop."
"So your 250 years old?" He asked me with twinkly gold eyes.
"No. I'm 258 years old." His eyes widened but more with amusement than shock.
"Why are you so accepting of everything? People would try and kill me if they found me or what I am." I said watching him carefully.
"Hmm? Because when I tried to pet a cute cat it turned out to be a person and a Fox instead of a cat. It intrigued me and I had to know more about this. I've never seen or heard of anything like you."
"That's because we're almost extinct." I said sounding sadder than I intended to. I wasn't gonna show him my personal feeling til I could trust him. I took a chance to eat some more while he started thinking.
"Why are you almost extinct?" He asked me. I froze and watched him carefully.
"I won't tell anyone about you. That would take away my new toy, now wouldn't it." I raised an eyebrow at the toy part.
"Because we have a good price on our heads. Hunters, Bandits. Anyone desperate for cash and knows of our existence, steal our tails and heads and cash them in. We're strong but we don't run in packs. It's easy to pick off one of us at a time if you have numbers and are like you." I told him reliving that fateful night in my head as I spoke.
"You speak as if you've seen it." He said no longer smiling but concentrated.
"You could say that." I said with a sad chuckle no longer interested in the food.
"Do tell." He said with a half hearted attempt of a smile.
"Maybe another time." I said quickly getting ahold of my emotions and giving him a real smile.
"What about you? Why are you as fast as you are?" I asked him but he chuckled and shook his head.
"I said I wanted more information about what and who you are. In return I feed you and give you a place to sleep for the night." I had a feeling he didn't do this very often.
"So your familiar with Nen? I can feel your aura around you."
"Yeah. I only have one ability. I haven't learned any other ones. I'm a specialist. I can bring someone back from the brink of Death with some of my Nen infused blood. There are set backs of course, but usually it works. In the few cases it hasn't and the person dies before the healing is complete I get all the damage they had and get very sick. Like I take their place on the brink of Death but I heal too fast to die from usual wounds that would kill a human." He cocked his head to the side.
"How fast do you heal?" I scratched a nail all the way down my arm and it started healing before the blood could reach the surface.
"How interesting. And your blood has the ability to heal others as well?" I nodded at him.
"But as you see its pretty difficult to actually get my blood. And if the person is close to dying I have to infuse it with my Nen as it exits the wound and maintain the aura around it inside their body which means I have to be touching them. I can't grow body parts or internal organs but everything else is healable." He nodded with calculating golden eyes.
"Would you like to take a shower?" He asked me suddenly. I immediately got cautious.
"By asking me to take a shower does that mean you want to call someone and tell them about me or are you being nice. Either way I can hear if you call someone. Both ends of the conversation. And I'll hear if you leave the room to talk on the phone." I told him with a dark look. He looked at me for a few seconds.
"Would you like me to make the call in front of you? I'm calling my Danchou. I want him to meet you."
"Who is your boss?" I asked him in high alert.
"A man named Chrollo Lucilfer. He's the boss of the Phantom Troupe." At least he was being honest. For now.
"The Phantom Troupe is a group of A class criminals. Thief's and murderers. What happens when they know what I am and try to kill me?" I asked him.
"Then you can escape. Just do me a favor. Don't show Chrollo your ability or touch anything he hands you." I cocked my head and saw his face redden slightly before he looked towards the bathroom again.
"Go shower. I'll make sure not to mention what you are until he comes here and is alone. I would take you to him, but I never know whewhere he is located. I'll also let you in on a secret once you come out." He said with a mischievous glint in his eye at his words. It made me curious. Way too curious. I stood up and gave him a last look before closing the door behind me.

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