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You glanced at him as you walked into your last hour of the day ; chemistry . You dreaded this class but if you didn't come to it you wouldn't see Niall . Niall wasn't the jock or the prep . He was the bad boy that no one talked to because they were scared of what he could be capable of . His lip piercing , his small black gauges , his little piercing above his eye , and his tattoos that scattered his torso and arms . You always wondered what other tattoos were underneath his shirt . While the others found him dark and scary , I found him the most attractive man I've ever seen .

"You will be doing a partner project this week , but don't get too excited because I'll be choosing the partners ." The teacher announced .

"Niall and Y/N" I smiled to myself and looked over at Niall who was aimlessly drawing in his notebook he carried everywhere . I walked over and sat next to him "So , when do you wanna start the project ?" "Whenever . It doesn't matter ." He answered , not even trying to make eye contact .

"Ya know , everyone else may not talk to you and all , but I actually want to ... so how about we meet up after school and talk about the project and hang out ." I said with courage . It caught his attention and he looked up at me , his deep blue eyes shining . I swear he smirked .

"Sure , after school we can head over to my apartment and get started . " "Sounds like a plan ." The bell rang and I quickly made my way to my locker and out the building to find Niall . He was leaning against his red mustang waiting , looking hot as ever .

"Ready ?" He asked opening the passenger door for me "Yeah" I climbed in and the whole ride there were no words spoken . His car smelled of smoke and his speakers seemed a little blown as the rock music filtered through them . We pulled up to a run-down apartment complex and he opened my door for me signaling me to get out and follow him . I didn't say anything , just followed him up two flights of stairs and into a small studio apartment .

"Soo " I trailed off sitting down at the small table . "Let's get started ?" Niall asked not so excited . We got our chem books out and started writing down Ideas . I watched as his muscle flexed as he wrote and I found myself getting a little hot . I took off my jackets and ran my fingers through my hair . He glanced up and sighed out . "Y/N , Why are you here ?" He asked . I was a bit taken back by this question , I didn't really know how to answer it .

"Well , we're partners on this project and I need a good grade ."

"I know that , But why did you come with me , to my apartment . Aren't you scared or something ?"

"Niall , I'm not like everyone else , I actually like you . A bit more than I think I should . " I felt the red rise to my cheek as I noticed I just told Niall I like him .

"You like me ? Really .. Well , what if I did this ..." He leaned forward slowly , his eyes flickered from mine to my lips , he pushed a strand of hair behind my ear and his soft lips met mine .

"I'd like it ." I said then went back to the kiss . We got lost in the kiss and he swiped his tongue across my bottom lip asking for entrance . I soon granted and he gently explored my mouth . He pulled back slightly tugging on my bottom lip , earning a soft moan from me . This gave him courage and he lifted me onto his lap so I was straddling him . He kept his hands on my hips , pressing the pads of his fingers into my warm skin .This heated make-out session lasted for about ten minutes before he stood up with my legs hooked to his waist and carried me to the counter and set me down still snogging me . I let my hands roam under his shirt over his abs , it was his turn to give a soft moan .

I broke the kiss to take of his shirt , I took a minute to admire his sculpted body and his tattoos . There was a date across his chest . "What does this one stand for ?" I asked running my fingers across the date . "My mum ." He said watching my every move . "Did she -" "yeah." "Niall , I-I'm sorry ." "It's ok Y/N just kiss me ." He tilted my chin up and our lips met again and he discarded my shirt and bra , massaging my breasts as he trailed sloppy kisses down my jawline and neck , then sucking on my collarbone .

I unbuckled his belt and tugged his jeans down , leaving him in black Calvin Klein boxers that seemed a bit too tight . I moaned at the sight of his erection , he giggled and said "All for you babe" as if reading my mind . He unbuttoned my jeans and peeled them off slowly , admiring my soft , tan legs .He ran his hands up my legs then kissed down my stomach and stopped right above my panties . I ran my fingers through his hair as encouragement to keep on going . He slid my panties down with his teeth . I moaned as he licked up and down my folds then pressing his tongue into my core . As my moans grew louder he rubbed my clit with his fingers . "I-I'm close Niall..." I moaned . The he stopped , I gasped at the loss of contact . "Niall ?!" "Shh babe , I want to be inside you when you cum" He picked me up and kissed me softly as he carried me to his bed , lying me down and hovering over me , each hand on either side of my head .

I let my hand palm him through his tight boxers while he kissed my neck , he moaned at the contact . I ripped his boxers off his legs and flipped us over . He moaned as I took over . I pumped his large dick in my hand a few times before blowing on the tip of his dick where the pre-cum was oozing . "Ooh Y/N fuck .." Niall moaned gripping the sheets . I slowly licked his shaft from base to tip before taking him fully in my mouth . "shit .. shit .." As I bobbed my head and pumped rest of his shaft he moved his hands from the sheets to my hair , running his hands through my long dirty blonde hair . Soon enough I felt him twitch in my mouth and I bobbed my head faster , eager for him to cum .

"Holy .. fuck Y/N you're so good .. Ooohhh" Niall moaned and shut his eyes as he released in my mouth . I swallowed it to please him more . He flipped us over once again and looked me straight in the eyes . Sweat glistened his forehead as parts of his hair stuck down and out . "This might hurt babe , but it'll be ok ." I nodded and he slowly pushed himself into me . I took a deep breath and closed my eyes as a sting went through me . "It's ok , just breathe baby " Niall whispered into my ear as he eased himself fully into me . The pain turned to pleasure and I moaned letting Niall know he can move . He slowly took himself out and thrusted back in , watching my reactions as he did so . "Niall , ooh baby ." I moaned and it made him work faster and harder . I rocked my hips to meet his thrusts . His small studio apartment was filled with the sounds of our skin slapping and moans and profanities . I felt like I was getting close .

"Niall , Niall , Lemme try something ." He seemed confused but nodded in agreement . I flipped us over and slowly slid back onto his dick . His head hit the pillow and he moaned in intense pleasure . I did figure eights and kept moaning his name . Once I was about to come I started bouncing up and down on his dick . "Fuck yes Y/N " Niall said and gripped my hips . "Fuuuuckkk Niall babee " I moaned as I released all over his dick and laid down on his chest , both of us catching our breath .

"Y/N that was .. incredible . " "It really was Ni .. " I said cuddling into his arms . "Does this mean that you're mine now ?" Niall asked twirling my hair around his finger . I wrapped my arms around him . "Of course . " I smiled .

After about 30 minutes of cuddling Niall excused himself to the shower . I watched as he stretched and stood up . I tilted my head and saw that he had a tattoo of angel wings . They started at his shoulder blades and faded to his elbows . In the middle of them was the name 'Annalise Horan' written in beautiful cursive . I got up and followed him to the bathroom . "Niall ?" I asked as he started the shower , he turned and hugged me from the waist and rested his chin on the top of my head "What does the angel wings mean ? On your back ? And the name ?" He looked down into my eyes and frowned a bit .

"It's for my baby sister . She and my mom were in a car crash and died on impact . She was four . " I was in shock . Tears brimmed at his eyes and He hugged me tight . "But that won't happen to you .. I'll protect you with everything I've got . You're my angel and I'm your savior , your protector ." I smiled against his warm chest and just hugged him tighter .

I Y/N Y/LN have fallen for the town's bad boy , and he's the most perfect boy ever.