Nearly , Almost Kiss

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Lily's Pov

It had been a two days since talking to Ethan in the library, it has been a two days since he showed me the real him and it was now one day till Christmas! We were all talking again and we agreed to talk about it when we get back to England, Mia wasn't completely happy with this but she dealt with it. Ethan and me have been hanging out more in his room talking about his photography. I'm really glad he showed me it, because now I know the bad boy and the boy next door and they both existed in Ethan King.

We were now currently decoration the tree to make the apartment more Christmassy, me and Mia have gotten the guys in Christmas jumpers which was funny and they all had Santa hats on, as for me and Mia we wore elf's hats and a Christmas jumper. The tree looked beautiful the red, green and gold colours twinkle in the light; it made the whole place look happier. Mia was now putting the final touches on the tree then she put on the gold star, me and Mia both stepped back tilted our heads to the sides and smiled, it was perfect.

"I can't wait!!!" she says happily. I hear laughter from behind us to see the guys carrying in perfectly wrapped presents.

"What are those?" I ask

"They are presents Princess, you know you normally get them on Christmas day" Ethan says smirking

"Ha ha very funny" I say while tripping me up which caused him to fall flat on his face, we all burst out in laughter, once he got up he started to walk over slowly so I started to run down the stairs until I was on the bottom floor. I heard his feet on the stares as I ran down the end of one of the corridors I opened the door and was greeted to a huge pool.

"Omg" I whispered closing the door and walking around the pool, because I was to caught up in looking around I felt someone grab my hips lift me up and chucked me into the water. The crystal blue liquid soaked into my clothes and as I went back up to catch my breath, I saw that was Ethan who was now in hysterics and was rolling on the floor laughing at me.

"YOU ABSOLTE ASS HOLE ETHAN KING!" I shout at him, which causes him to laugh even more. Once he calmed down I went over to where he was stood, he bent down and had that cheeky smirk on him.

"Sorry Princess but you asked for it"

"Fine but at least you could do is help me up " I say, he hold his hand out and stand up I take it but instead of getting up an evil smirk came onto my face as I pulled him into the pool beside me. He went under and I was I fits of giggles I couldn't breath, his head came u out of the water but you couldn't see his face as his hair dripped over his face. He swam over to me and smiled

"Well played Lily," he said taking off his jumper and I did the same the water was making it unconfterbal to where. "But I think it was a bit unfair" he says but before I could argue back he grabs my waste once again which causes a tingling felling to go through my body, and pulls me with him as he swims to the deepest end.

"Oh no get of me king," I say trying to grab hold of the side

"I wont let go okay," he says whispering in my ear, I nod and he spins me around in the water causing me to laugh. Then after felling comfortable I moved his hands away and swam under the water circling him, he then came under and swam beside me. I came up for air and tied my hair back.

"You look amazing under water" he says from beside me which causes me to blush, I look up at him to see him staring at me he started to lean in closer, and as he dose I start to close my eyes and lean in closer but are lips never met.

"Hey guys mind if we join" I hear Riley say I open my eyes and turn around to the door to see my friends smirking at us

"Yeah sure" I say getting up and not looking at Ethan I walk up to them "I'm just going to get my swim wear" I say and take a towel from Mia.

I cant believe that just happened I nearly kissed Ethan, it felt so good to be close to him like that but it cant happened and I'm glad it stopped well as glad as I can be.

Knock, Knock.

I heard someone on the other side of my door, I decided not to go back to the pool firstly because I forgot where it is, secondly I didn't bring a swimming costume and finally I was embarrassed. All of my friends just saw me almost kiss Ethan; Riley would definitely take the piss out of me.

"Come in" I say from my bed, and placed my book on the side.

"Hey, why didn't you come back to the pool "I heard Mia say as she walked over to my bed and sat down.

"Um I don't have a swimming costume after all it is winter" I say

"Is that all you could have borrowed one of mine, you knew that. What's wrong?" she asks

"Nothing..." I say

"Bull crap... you are embarrassed that you nearly almost kissed Ethan"

"I'm not embarrassed..."she raises her eye brow that suggested she didn't believe me" okay fine it was one of those moments I wished the ground slowed me hole"

"Why? Do you like him?"

"It doesn't matter if I did like him Mia " after I said what I said my eyes went big I was shocked at what I said I have just admitted I like Ethan, Ethan King the bad boy.

"I knew it!" she says jumping up and down on the bed " but wait why doesn't it matter, of course it matters"

"Because of Daniel that's why it cant happen well it cant happen until we find out what we are going to do"

"Screw Daniel does what you want "

"I also don't want to be one of Ethan's girls I don't want to be another Zoë"

"You know you wont be another Zoë, he likes you lily its hard not to. He would never hurt you Lily, he will always be there. You have told more to him then you have me"

"I don't know Mia, it just cant happen now, and I don't want to think about it now" she try's to complain again " lets go and see what we are going to have for dinner"

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