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(picture is Walter)

The Seven Deadly Simpson Brothers

Chapter 25 ~ Fear

I watched as Walter's mood changed completely. His jaw hardened and he clenched his fists. In a matter of seconds he was already panting, his chest heaving up and down heavily. Before anyone could act, Walter ran with a high amount of speed towards the Puerto Rican guy.

He pushed the other gang member roughly against the brick wall. Instead of staying and watching, the few stray students hurried off in different directions. I stood rooted to the ground my eyes as wide as Hayley's and Walter's younger brothers.

"Why are you here?!" Walter yelled, gripping his jacket and slamming his back into the wall again and again. The Puerto Rican guy didn't say anything, but instead twisted Walter in such a way that Walter was now against the wall. Walter gave quick and genuine smile then jerked his knee up violently into the other guys gut. Walter took that opportunity as his opponent was doubled over coughing to punch him hard across his face.

Crouching down the East side gang member's level Walter growled into his ear, "I'm asking you only once more...why are you trespassing?"

I was pleading that the guy would say something, because then Walter maybe wouldn't hurt him. But it didn't happen. The guy said nothing, but still kept the smile which pissed Walter off even more.

In fact I had never actually seen Walter so angry, it was worse than when his brothers had knocked him out. He was yelling and shouting his anger out, pummelling with his fists, knees and feet. His cheeks were flushed and veins stood out in his neck while he kept beating and kicking the Puerto Rican. His face was splattered in blood...

"Does he have a knife?" Gomez asked suddenly, going a bit pale.

"No, he would have used it by now," Gio said.

"What do we do?" Severn breathed, his eyes locked on the scene before us.

I felt so bad about it, but I had to stop Walter, "Do you have any knock out drugs?"

"No," they replied. Phoenix said they weren't allowed drugs of any kind and it one of the few rules they actually obeyed.

"There's another way," Giovanni said thought clouding his features. "Yeah! I remember watching Phoenix and Landon teaching Walter about pressure points. And they found out that Walter's weakness was the bottom of his spine."

I remembered watching Phoenix dig his knee into the small of Walter's back once, which meant that this piece to information was correct.

"I'm gonna have to try," Gio said.

I was going to say try not to hurt Walter, but then looking back at him a flurry of fists and shouts and blood, it was really the other way round.

"Be careful Gio," I said.

"I'll help you hold him down," Gomez said flexing his fists.

"What shall I do?" Severn asked.

"Call Phoenix and shout if anyone calls the police," Gomez answered and they hurried over to Walter.

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