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(This chapter has a bit of a graphic nature blah blah blah....I mean its gotta start somewhere...right? ~ J)

The Seven Deadly Simpson Brothers

Chapter 24 ~ Getting it ooon

Sadly rain had melted away a good amount of the snow so now school was officially on again. 

Walter hadn't done any of his homework, and the triplets had stopped doing theirs too. I wasn't sure if Eli had even began doing homework in the first place, but none of them were getting good grades. Not that they cared.

"Please behave at school today guys," I pleaded with them as we walked through the gates. 

I had met them at the school gates, and Walter had kissed me hard not caring that four of his brothers were watching. Eli looked away and the triplets started yelling 'GET A ROOM' loud enough for people to stop and stare. 

Everyone was talking about me and Walter. It was official in school that we were a couple and people just couldn't believe it. It was obvious most of the girls were jealous, but they were genuinely so frightened of Walter to even hold eye contact for more than two seconds let alone start a conversation with him. The guys were weary around him too, however the triplets had so many fans. But a fair amount of students still kept their distance from them.

 "Well it depends how the day goes," Gomez was saying pulling up his tatty bag. 

"I don't want any of you getting suspended or expelled," I carried on. 

"Give it a break," Eli said turning to look at me. "You're not our mum, don't pretend as if you bloody care."

I looked at him, and he looked truly ill. He had dark shadows under his eyes and his skin was unusually pale. 

 "Urm Eli, it's not as if mum cared anyway," Severn spoke up.

Eli looked away again glaring and Walter surprised me by hooking an arm round him. I think he surprised as all because the triplets raised their brows. Walter started talking to him in a low voice, and the rest of us kept our distance behind.

"What's wrong with Eli?" I asked quietly.

"He looks ill," Giovanni commented. 

"Yes, that's what I mean," I said watching as Eli and Walter walked ahead towards the school building. We weren't the only ones, everyone was watching all of us....as per usual.

"I don't think he's eaten," Severn said. "I think he's thinking about Eunice."

"Yeah," Gomez said his blue eyes widening. "I think you're right Severn."

Walter and Eli had stopped walking and Walter hugged him. It was such a sweet gesture, expecially between those two particular brothers. Eli turned round and walked right past us, head down, and out of the school.

"What's wrong with him?" I asked taking Walter's hand.

"Eunice," Walter replied sighing.

"That's what I thought," Severn said. 

"He looked ill so I told him to go home," Walter said as we walked into the school.

"Okay that's good," I replied. "He best get better." 

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