Our Fun Daay

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I woke up before Jainyah, and showered. I put on my tan cargo shorts, my red polo collar shirt, my gild chain, my stud earrings, and my red n black J's. I pulled out my Galaxy S6. I called Damion. He picked up on the 2nd ring.

Phone Call
Damion.. Hello

Jason.. Wassup

Damion.. Nothing Really.

Jason.. Okay. You Still Coming To Sky Zone With Us?

Damion.. I Don't Know. My Mom Tripping. She Said She Need The Money For Her Drugs. I Hate When She Does That.

Jason.. My Mom Use To Do The Same.

Damion.. Dang.

Jason.. Well Imma Ask Jainyah To Pay For You

Damion.. She Would Do That For Me?

Jason.. Yeah. Let Me Call Joel and Imma Ask Her.

Damion.. Okay

Phone Call

I called Joel and he answered quickly.

Phone Call
Joel.. Wassup

Jason.. Just Seeing If Your Still Going With Us

Joel.. You Know I Am

Jason.. Koo. I'm Already Ready. So Give Me About An Hour n I'll Be There

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