Joel.. Okay

Jason.. Bye

Phone Call
I went downstairs and went to see if Jainyah was there. I looked at the couch and it was empty and I heard the shower water turn on. I smiled and went in the kitchen. I buttered 4 breads and toasted them. I put the microwaveable sausages in the microwave for 3 minutes. I poured orange juice in a glass, and set the plates on the table. I don't know how to make a big breakfast, but I hope she likes it. I sat at the table as she came down. She smiled and hugged me.
" Thaank you so much baby." She rubbed my hair and sat in the chair next to me. We said our grace and ate our breakfast.
" So are your friends still coming?" She asked.
I nodded. " But Damion's mom won't give him the money. He said she needs them for drugs. So can you pay for him?" I asked nervous about her answer.
She look mad and hurt at the same time.
" Sure. Tell him yeah. What is wrong with these parents now and day?" She mumbled the last part, but I still heard. I went to re-brush my teeth. I called Damion again.

Phone Call
Damion.. Wassup?

Jason.. Be Ready In 30. She Payin For You.

Damion.. Tell Her Thanks and Okay

Jason.. Aiight
Phone Call
I turned my PS4 on, and played Grand Theft Auto 5. I like to drive the cars, that's it. I played for a cool 15 minutes. I shut it off, and went down ↓ the stairs. I seen Jainyah grabbing the keys, signaling me we're about to leave. She was wearing black shorts, a white tight crop top, her white converse, and she had on gold jewelry. She looked nice. She turned around and smiled ☺. That's one thing about her, she always smiles. No matter what situation we're in.
" I was about to call you, but I see you beat me." She laughed.
I nodded. " Gotta be a little more quicker." She smiled and punched me playfully in my chest.
" Come on J Bug." We walked out together and got in her black Porsche truck. We drove to Damion's house first. When his mom came out, Jainyah gave her the worst look ever. She shook her head and headed to Joel's house.
" Bye mom!" I heard him yell. He entered the car.
" Hay guys." We all said our hi's. We listened and sang to different songs. We pulled up in the Sky Zone parking lot. It was huge. A man tool our car, and we walked tp the entrance door. We stood in line. Jainyah paid for the 30 minute jump time. We headed to the cube pool. We jumped in the foam cubes and played. We went to the dodge ball area, and the trampoline. Jainyah took a break the first 10 minutes. She sat at a bench. When I looked back at her, a guy was talking to her. She pointed at me, and I waved. Who is that man?
" Aye y'all! Let's head to the food area. All this jumping got me hungry." They agreed.
" How can I help you boys?" The lady asked.
" Can we buy a box of pizzas?" She nodded.
" Your total will be $12.98." I handed them the money. She handed us cups, and we went to get our sodas. We took our box and sat down.
" What y'all wanna do next? Like after we leave Sky Zone? Our time is almost up." I stated biting my Hawaiian pizza.
" What ever you want to do. Your the fun one." Damion said.
" Yeah. I'm with him on that one." Joel agreed.
" Well I think we should go out and get ice cream." I suggested.
" It doesn't matter to me. I just don't want to go home." Damion said. I don't blame him, but I just nodded.
" Anything including food is fine with me." We all laughed.
" Wait. Since you don't want to go home. Spend a night. Jainyah won't mind. I have and extra bed in my room, and Jainyah has one of those blow up mattresses in the closet." I said. Their eyes widened.
" For reals. That's kool. I'm down. My mom likes Jainyah, so she won't mind." Joel stated. We looked at Damion.
" My mom won't care at all. She doesn't care about anything. I wish I had regular parents like y'all." He looked down and dropped his pizza. He got up and walked out Sky Zone. Joel ran after him, while I went over to Jainyah.
" Jainyah it's an emergency. Joel and I were talking about you and his mom, and Damion felt sad he doesn't have parents that care about him like you and Damion's mom. So he got up and left out!" I fast talked. The man next to Jainyah looked at me then at her.
" Come on. Let's go." She grabbed my head, and she grabbed her purse.
" Call me. I'm sorry we had to leave early." She apologized to the man. He nodded.
We rushed out Sky Zone, to find Damion crying in his hands. We sat beside him. Jainyah sat in front of him, and rubbed her head.
" Listen Damion. I know exactly how you feel. My mom didn't give two shits about me either. My mom was on drugs, beat me, and all that. I understand. But don't think anyone doesn't care about you, because we all do. Joel, Jason, and I. We love you so much. If we didn't, we wouldn't be here at Sky Zone having fun with you. Your mom may not show she loves you, but you have a special place in her heart. No matter how small or big it is." She said crying. She is always being emotional. She wiped her tears and hugged him. He hugged her back. Joel and I joined their hug. When we departed, we all laughed.
" Good speech." Someone said clapping. We turned around and it was the guy from inside. He was standing next to this pretty girl. She was light skinned and had curly hair. She was beautiful.
" Nothing but the truth." Jainyah smiled.
" I love a girl that can keep it 1hunnid." Jainyah face turned red and she turned away. She likes him and I know it. I smiled.
I'm glad she likes a boy, for a minute I though she liked her same gender. But never mind now.
" That's good." She told the guy. The uber came and brang our car to us. We all got strapped in.
" Bye uh.." She paused.
" Drew." He said finishing it off. She lashed him her million dollar smile. I did a brave move and waved to the girl. She smiled and waved back. We drove off, and I let out a big sigh.
" Jainyah?" I said.
" Yes J Bug." I swallowed, and looked at my boys in the back.
" Can they spend a night in my room?" She looked at the boys through the rear view mirror. She smiled. I know what that means.
" Why not. Y'all can have a boys day." She said cheering us up.
" Cool. Can we get ice cream before we go home?" She nodded. We drove to Basket Robins. I got cookie dough, Damion got Cookies n Cream, Joel got Mint, and Jainyah had chocolate fudge. We sat in the car and ate. When we finished, we took the boys to their house to get their over night clothes.
We were in my room playing the PS4. We were playing Black Ops. Every time they come over we play this game. They like it, I love it. I just like to see my friends happy.
" Come down and eat!" Jainyah yelled. I guess she ain't have to work tonight. We paused the game, and went to eat.
" Jainyah did you have to work today?" I asked. She looked at me, then back at her plate. She placed her fork down. She sat there for a minute then looked at me.
" No. I had called off. I told them it was an emergency. Just for you 3." She smiled. Behind that smile, I knew there was more to it.
" Okay. Because usual-." She cut me off.
" I know. I work a lot. Can we change the subject please?" She smiled.
" Sure." I responded.
We sat there talking about video games, and our day at Sky Zone. Of course we didn't mention Damion's break down.

Jainyah blew up the air mattress for me, while I gave both of my beds to Joel and Damion. I wanted them to be comfortable.
" Did you guys see that girl.that was standing right by that guy at Sjy Zone?" I asked them.
" Yeaah. What about her?" Joel said.
" I think she's very pretty." I pictured her fave from today.
" Do you know her name?" They asked.
" No. I think Jainyah might have a clue. I'll ask her in the morning." I turned over and closed eyes. A few minutes later sleep took over my body.

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