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Isabella pov

'I hate this.' I mumbled.
'Make's the two us.' Sergio sighed.
'I already knew that.' I turned my head to Sergio and heard the door finally opened.There was it.

Our food.

I stood up and took a plate with me, just like Sergio.
They gave us a salad, water, a stake and potato's.
'I hope this taste good.' Sergio said while sitting on the ground.
'They could've given us a table.'

'You can walk outside if you want.' the voice returned.
Another door opened and i looked at Sergio. Looking at his face what he thinks about it.
'We should do it.' He said.
'On my way.'

I stood up and carried the plate with me. The light hurted my eyes, because the room where we were in was darker. But i love the fresh air and smelling the grass. It was a beautiful view over the river what we already saw inside. There was a picnic table and we walked to it.

Sergio took a sit before me.
'Finally.' I said while taking a bite of the stake. And the funny of all, it was pretty good.
'I really thought you would explore this place and ran away.' He whispered.
'Look above.' I said pointing with my eyes.
'I see nothing.'
'Look better.'
I followed his eyes and he frowned his eyebrows and then turned to me.
'An energy field? Are they serious.'
I nod and continue with my food. I saw he looked at me with a smirk on his face.
'Do you enjoy your view?' I said without looking at him.
'Oh yes i do.'
What? Tfu you thinking bro.
'The air is beautiful at this time.'
I really want to face palm me, ofcours he wasn't talking to me. Or maybe i wanted? No, get over yourself.

'I was thinking.' He said while breaking the silence.
'How much do you see Alvaro?'
'Enough, i guess.' I said.
He gave me that 'Seriously' look but I ignored it.
'Why do you wanna know?' I asked.
'Just a question.'
'Just a question?'
'Just a question.'
I laughed and shook my head.
'Just a question.' I imitated him.

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