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Sherlock joined a chatroom 

Watson joined a chatroom 

Mary.M joined a chatroom 

Mary.M - Sherlock, you kept beeping me, what is the matter?

Watson - Yes Sherlock it's 2am... again! I won't be able to help you at this rate!

Sherlock - Hmm... Mary I have some suggestions. 

Mary.M - For what?

Sherlock - For your baby. How to keep it healthy. 

Watson - This again?

Mary.M - I think we already discussed this. 

Sherlock - Yes, but... might as well remind you Mary. Now, no seafood. I mean it. 

Watson - She has been avoiding it, since you've reminded her every day. Next?

Sherlock - I can tell she has been eating it. The way the baby's growing just gives away her guilty pleasure. 

Mary.M - .... I had one shellfish! They are just soothing okay! Sherlock, why are you getting involved with mine and John's baby?

Watson - Yes Sherlock why?

Sherlock - Because. Is one not allowed to care for others? Especially children. 

Watson - For the last time we are not naming it either William, Sherlock or Scott, despite those names apparently being names for girls. 

Sherlock - Oh, come on! They are all girl names, got ask Mycroft or even my mother. I dare you. 

Watson - For the last time, I am not naming our baby after you. 

Mary.M - Yes he isn't, because I am choosing the name. John, we discussed this. 

Sherlock - At least you'll have a real baby on the way and not me.... more attention.. more hogging... 

Watson - What was that? 

Sherlock - Nothing. 

Mary.M - For god sake. Sherlock thank you, but we need to sleep. 

Watson - Yes. Go and solve a murder case or work out how Moriarty is alive, just something other than bother us. Night Sherlock. 

Watson left the chatroom 

Mary.M - Good night Sherlock. Sleep please. 

Mary.M left the chatroom 

Sherlock - *hmph* no one appreciates my work. Mrs Hudson! 

Sherlock has left the chatroom 


Hmm... attention seeker XD

Now, what do guys think Mary and John will name the baby? Please comment ----> below! 

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