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Sherlock joins a chatroom

Sherlock - John? Oh. I'll have to beep him on his mobile... *grabs phone. Texts John*

Watson joined the chatroom

Watson - What is it Sherlock? I am trying to sleep.

Sherlock - I just wanted to talk to you. Is that a crime?

Watson - Well it is if you're going to harass me and it's 2am. Just... why?

Sherlock - Well, with me being best man and all... do I have to write a speech??

Watson - Yes! Sherlock, I could just give it to-

Sherlock - Nope. Don't say Mike Stamford or Graham, they will be pathetic at it. No. I am prepared to take up all the responsibility.

Watson - Well. Sherlock is that it?

Sherlock - No. What do you think about the Mayfly man? I mean who did it?

Watson - Why are you asking me at 2am in the morning!?

Sherlock - John, I think you need to calm down, the wedding stress is getting to you right now.

Watson - I am... *takes a deep breath* ....calm.

Sherlock - Never mind. Later John.

Watson - Night.

Watson left the chatroom

Sherlock added Hudson

Hudson - Sherlock dear, shouldn't you be asleep?

Sherlock - I need entertainment. I don't have John, so I guess you'll do. Bring Cluedo. I can prove John wrong.

Hudson - Okay dear. I'm not your housekeeper, just this one time. Sherlock?

Sherlock - Hmm...

Hudson - Are you all right up there dear? Do you miss John?

Sherlock - I told you to bring Cluedo not ask about John!

Sherlock left the chatroom

Hudson - Deep down, he missed him. Those boys are such sweethearts.

Hudson left the chatroom


Hoped that now you ship Johnlock hehehe XD

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