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"Another day in hell!" Grant Victor spits out, lanky arms spread out in a sarcastic way. His feet are still up on his desk even though Mr. Flamer, our AP Government teacher, asked him to stop several times. It's like Grant is made for this -- causing havoc in the smallest of ways.

No. He is havoc.

"Mr. Victor," snaps Flamer, hazardously close to breaking his pencil in half, "enough."

"Seriously, though," the troublemaker says unfazed, "Why don't we learn about something more interesting, like conspiracies?"


"Jesus Christ, just hear me out, yeah?" For once in forever, Grant puts his feet down and leans his body forward, "Why don't we learn about the Watergate Scandal or how the government is tearing apart, not coming together?"

"Because, Grant, those are flaws in our system."

"Terrible reason, really. To conquer our flaws, don't we need to accept them?" Grant abruptly stands up, "You know what? This is stupid. Just hand over the detentions."

He takes four long strides to Mr. Flamer's desk, arms crossed. The teacher quickly scribbles onto a paper and hands it to Grant. Suddenly, it hits me that I will have to spend two afternoons with him. That's what I get for being late to class on several occasions.

Fuck. Me.


New story -- short story/teen fiction. Meh. The usual.

I'm sorry I suck at updating other stories.

I hope this makes up for my sucky self.

Votes and Comments are much appreciated.


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