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I tossed and turned on my bed with a back ache after clearing bhai's room and not knowing how events were turning so.....unusual. It was either that the situation is getting complicated or I am making it complicated. My mind started playing the conversation I had few hours ago with Kaki for the millionth time...again

".....So what do you think about this guy-Aryan ? Should I tell it to bhai or dig for more clues myself and then tell bhai ?" I asked Gouri kaki, munching on some new sweet which she had made. I saw the change in her expressions just by the mere mention of his name, it was the same horrific look which I had seen when I first told her about him.

"You know what guddi, the truth isn't always happy to know. Sometimes the deeper you dig, the darker it gets. So it's best that you leave it buried. " Kaki said and looked as if Aryan reminded her of something unpleasant that had happened in her life. Why did she become philosophical all of a sudden, did she know something about Aryan that I didn't or some secret which hasn't told me. Did she even want bhai to know about this stuff?

Questions like these were floating in my head ever since that happened and I was unable to sleep. Finally, after a lot of tossing and turning and trips to the kitchen and then the bathroom I drifted into slumber.

"Hey, lazy bones wake up!!! " Bhai shouted in my ear. For a second I felt like strangling him to death but then realized that, for that I would have to wake up and leave my cozy bed. So, I just turned to the other side and covered myself with Mr. Peaches, hey!! Soft toys don't have age limit. They are the best things in the world after chocolates, actually its hard comparing both of them. Either way don't judge me.

"Gosh, how much you sleep... Wake up now!!" Bhai said pulling the blanket away from my body and the sudden exposure of my legs to the cold air which were only covered in a pair of shorts made me jump and sit up on my bed.

"What is wrong with you, I don't even have college today. What will I do by getting up so early. Let me sleep in peace na!! " I replied sleepily as my body automatically fell back on to the bed. Yes, I didn't have college today which was a good thing since there was some stupid Freshers party in the evening and the building had to be turned from an institution to a party club in less than 24 hours. Good luck to those who want to go and show off their branded clothes and shoes and get drunk and then laid. Sorry, not my kind of thing!!

"Okay, will you still not get up if I said that there is a gift waiting to be opened by you" bhai said and just by the mere mention of 'gift' I sprang up like jack in the box and magically all my sleep had vanished within seconds. Human psychology !!

"So what do you think, like it ?" Bhai asked anxiously as I held the beautiful piece of clothing between my fingers. It was knee length dress in black and white. The bodice was like a tube top but narrowed down near the waist an it was completely in white. On top of it was the black net sheath which had tiny leaves on it and it was up till the neck, not too gaudy not too simple. Just perfect.

"Like, I love it. I had no idea you had such good taste in clothes. From now, you are my personal shopper!" I joked and caressed the clothing as if it were made of gold.

"Well I had to repay you for clearing my pigsty now, didn't I ? Anyway it'll look great on you when you'll wear it for the party tonight " bhai said and I looked at him confused. Which party was he talking about ? Surely not the freshers, right??

"What party ? "

"The freshers, of course. You are going aren't you ?"

"No, of course I'm not. Why should I anyway, I mean what will I even do there by going except sitting there all alone and then calling you like half an hour later, to pick me up because I'm bored to hell. Might as well stay at home, catch a movie, order pizza and then sleep." I said and thinking about pizza made me want to stay home all the more.

"No, you're not gonna stay at home watching a movie and order a pizza. You are getting out of the house, make friends and have fun.
Just so that you know, this isn't a choice, it's an order."

"And since when are you into 'fun things' bhai?" I asked, I hate it when somebody orders me to do something.

"Ever since you started behaving like a living zombie. Things have been hard, I know, but not living your life and resigning from people isn't the way out Ahaira " there was a moment of awkward silence and I was the first to break it.

"Fine, I'll go but only on one condition that if I get really bored I will come back home not even thinking once. Deal ?"

"Deal" bhai said and turned towards his room. I knew it was waste to argue with him, rather than that I'll pretend as if that I am excited to go and right after an hour or so I will come back and tell him that I was felling uncomfortable . Yes, then I can order pizza and have it in peace!! Ahi, you are the best.

The evening finally came and I stared at my reflection in the mirror and I didn't know why, I felt that I was looking....presentable??

The dress fit me perfectly and I had put on a light hint of makeup after ages so I just restrained myself with the basics. Even just for that I had to watch a YouTube tutorial. I know, I'm beauty challenged.

My accessories were nothing except for a simple golden bracelet which had belonged to mom. Wearing it makes me feel that she is with me.
I had my hair in a rugged, out of the bed kind of messy hairdo since apparently that was the trend which everyone was into, according to the internet. Sometimes I wonder how my life would have been without google or youtube or the internet for that matter. My thoughts were interrupted when I heard a knock on the door.

"Are you done yet ? It's almost 7:45, party starts by 8:00" bhai said.

I stepped out and my brother was speechless. " So, how do I look ? Presentable ?"

"You look perfect" bhai said and smiled. My lips turned into a curve too, since bhai very rarely complimented and when he did it was a memory forever.

"Let's go" he said and we zoomed off. We finally reached, and the scene which was in front of me left me mesmerized and all I could say is "Oh my God!!"

Stay beautiful
Love you guys

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