Chapter 6

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Aaron's P.O.V.

*before accident*

I leave her house stupidly and utterly confused. Her eyes are so..hypnotizing. When she touches me my mind goes blank and it's only her I think about. Its fucked up. I need to stay away from her or else I could get close to her and she can get hurt. I can't afford to lose someone close to me ever again, or I'm afraid I won't be able to get through it this time. I drive off and go to my friend Greg's house to hopefully clear my mind of her. I enter his house to see him completely fucked up on LSD. (A.N. I've never been on drugs so this is completely made up, drugs are bad don't do them or something like this can happen) "Greg" I say. He smiles and says, "Mom you're such a cheater..I could have won if you chose the sink in the cabinet"

I realize there's no point in talking to him so I just groan and walk to the coffee table that has the LSD on it and I down two pills. I sit on the couch and wait for something to happen. Suddenly I hear screams, and fire erupts in the house. I feel like my eight year old self again as I see my dad lying on the couch helplessly.

"Dad! Move!" I get up but my head is dizzy and I fall over hitting my forehead on the edge of my dads coffee table giving me a large scrape. "Lets go!!" I yell weakly as I drag my dad out of the flaming house. He gets up and in slow motiong says, "What are you doingg?"
"The house is burning down!" I yell worried. We're wasting time, the house could blow up any second. I take his hand and shove him in the vehicle, I take the drivers seat and start the ignition. I speed off not knowing where I'm going, but just away from the scene. I take a sharp corner but I see a group of men being hung on the tree branch that hovers the road. I try to swirve out of the way so I don't hit their hanging bodies, but the car goes off the road and tumbles down a hill rolling and rolling until the car hits a tree at the bottom of the hill and all I see is darkness.

I wake up with a shocking feeling in my chest. I cough multiple times as I hear relieved sighs from people I don't know.

"What happened?" I ask still dizzy.

"Shh it's going to be alright sir, we're heading you to the nearest hospital to get you fixed up" Once she says that I look around and realize I'm in an ambulance.

"His house was on fire" I remember.

"There was no fire tonight sir. You are very lucky you woke up. You were dead for 3 minutes." She tells me.

"My dad's house was burning down..i had to leave" I explain, but the lady is looking at me like I'm psychotic then she asks, "Did you take anything? Any drugs?" My hands starts to shake and I become sweaty. I shouldn't lie if it's for my well being so I say, "LSD. I was gonna hit the dead bodies"

"Where did you see them?"

"Hanging on the tree at the top of the hill" I answer.

"There were no bodies sir, but I'll have the police check it out again, but it was probably the hallucinations" she tells me. I can see the disrespect dripping off of her mouth while speaking the second part of that sentence.

"What do you mean there were no bodies?! I'm not fucking lying! I saw them!" She puts a needle in my arm and I become very dizzy.."shh" someone says, then I once again visit darkness.

*after surgery*

I lay in the scratchy bed at the hospital still thinking about the innocent brunette. She has to stay away from me or she'll get hurt like my family did. She deserves someone better, someone like Will. After I think about him my fists clench for a split second then unclench because of the pain and massive headache it caused. I groan and count to 1,000 before I finally fall asleep.

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