Chapter 19 "Blush"

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"We all drank too much last night huh?" I asked. Hoping to hear an answer I wanted to hear. "Especially you." I look at Summer mockingly.

She froze a bit but giggles. "Oh yeah. Oh my gosh! The last thing I remember last night was.... looking at Abbie sobbing while the movie ended." Summer says laughing.

"Me too!" Aunt Deb nods and laughs in agreement.

I suddenly felt like shit. Then everthing that happened after that was..... nothing. It was just a drunken mistake.

I cant help but frown. But I got caught off guard when Donna asks me "how bout you cry baby? Whats the last thing you remember?" She smirks.

The last thing I remember was holding Summer tight in my arms after sharing a passionate kiss with her.

I glanced at Summer then back at Donna and Aunt Deb. "Don, honey, unlike you amateurs, I remember everything.." I smile cocky.

I'm finding it rather difficult to hide my disappointment. Fuck, I'm even angry. Hide it. Hide it. Hide it. I tell my self.

Donna rolls her eyes. "Mommy should be so proud of you huh?" She teases me while grinning. I playfully shove her shoulders.

After eating, I went to my room. I went inside the bathroom and decided to take a hot shower.

I sigh. I just need to act like it didnt happen to. I should not make a big deal out of this. I should play it cool. Shit. I cant even convince myself!

I cant shake it off. Im hurt. Im just hurt.

After I showered, i wrap myself with a towel. And wiped the fog on the mirror. I look at myself and psyched my self. I cant do this. Yeah. Hell yeah I can do this.

"I can do this. I can do this. Hell yeah I can!" I keep whispering while opening the door.

"Holy mother fucker!!" I shouted coz Summer was right infront of the door about to open in too. Startled, also.

"Sorry." She mumurs shyly

"No its fine." I say and walk pass her to my closet. She went inside. She was actually there a long time.

I think to myself, i can really do this.

When she got out I was only in my shorts and bra. I look at her.

"Oh shoot! I'm sorry!" She says and covered her eyes.

I laugh at her dorkiness. "Oh my God you're so cute." I cant help but say. "I already saw you remember? So I think its a tie." I put my shirt on. "Its okay to look now princess."

She uncovers her face and sat down on the bed. Facing away from me. I swear she is blushing. Is it because she's embarassed or turned on??

Of course its because she's embarassed! Ugh


Summer's P.O.V

I wanted to talk to Abbie so I went upstairs in her room. But what am I going to say actually? Idk. I just want to talk to her.

I sigh. She wasnt there so I just go straight to the bathroom coz i dont hear any soul in there. I hold the door knob about to twist when it twisted itself.

"Holy mother fucker!" She yells. We are both shocked.

I notice her flushed cheeks because of the hot bath. Her wet hair against her flawless moist bare shoulders.

Dont stare!!! I commanded my self.

"Sorry" I say looking down coz I feel my face starting to blush.

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