Perfect Nikolai!(MaleBelarus x Reader)

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"Help me! (Male Name)!"

I sighed, hearing the familiar voice of my Russian friend. Turning around, I was not shock to see Ivan running towards me fear etched on his face, as his little brother, and also my other friend, Nikolai chase him.

Ivan rushed and hid behind me, though I'm pretty sure he's in clear view. Perhaps because he's taller than me by two heads? Aah, Sarcasm is such a great thing.

Nikolai finally reached us, a creepy look on his face. "Where is Older Brother (Male Name)?!"I raised an eyebrow at his question, and turmed around to see Ivan gone.

Huh, he must have left. Turning back to Nikolai, I can't help but to stare at him. His silver hair was toussled and messy, purple eyes gazing at my own. He also had a blush on his cheeks, probbably because of running.

"He already left Nik"I said and watched as he let out a deppresed sigh. A sad look passing through his purple eyes.

"Why do you think he always run away (Male Name)?"He asked and I almost laughed. Smiling, I held Nikolai's hand and led him to my house,my back turned to him.

"You know Nik. Maybe because your just too perfect, that's why he's running away"I joked, and I almost regretted it when Nikolai stopped in his tracks, hugged me, and then left saying thank you.

I only sighed and continued my way home.

"Sorry Ivan"


A few miles away. A russian man screamed.


Crackshot! You know, cause it's a one-shot not a fanfiction. Oh wait.. this is a fanfiction... Sorry if you're not satisfied.

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