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"Maybe you can keep me alive, maybe you can get in my mind, but it's only a matter of time"

Izi's POV

It was 9:30pm and I was tucked up in bed watching reruns of friends. I'd been waiting all day for a reply from Harry, so when his name popped up on my phone a huge smile spread across my face. That was, until I read his message:

I didn it ahauin in so sprry.

A panic rushed through me as I replied:

He didn't reply.

I waited again and still no reply.

'Please, please be okay..' I prayed to myself.

Where are you?
I typed quickly, my heart racing as fear surged through my body.
After a few minutes he finally replied;

Hpme. Help ne.
I leapt out of bed, throwing my coat over my pj's and heading out the door. I frantically searched through our messages to find his address as I flagged down a taxi and hopped in. I read the address off my phone to the driver and he took off down the street. Less than ten minutes later he pulled up out the front of a huge house. I threw a £20 note at him and yelled a quick thank you as I ran up the driveway to his front door. I pushed the door open, quietly stepping into his front foyer. I scanned the room quickly, letting the door fall shut behind me as I made my way up the stairs.

"Harry..?" I called out, silently praying that he'd reply. I heard a groan come from the bedroom at the end of the hall, I made my way in and nearly broke down at the sight in front of me. He was lying on the floor, blood dripping from both his nostrils. His breathing was quick and heavy, and he was crying. He tried to lift his head when he saw me come in, but his body couldn't muster the strength to do so.

"Oh, Harry.." I sighed sadly as I went to sit down next to him, lifting his head and placing it in my lap. He whimpered as I used the ends of my sleeves to wipe his eyes, and then the blood from his nose.

"I'm so sorry," He whispered "I'm so so sorry. I'm so fucked up. Please stay, I can't do this anymore. Please help me. Please." tears steadily fell from his eyes as he pleaded with me.

"I'm not going anywhere." I said quietly, though I wasn't sure I believed it. I ran my hands through his hair until his breathing returned to normal. I helped him up and did the best I could to move him to the bed. Pulling the covers over him when he lay down. I walked around the end of the bed and climbed in the other side, pulling his body into mine. He was weak and fragile, he relaxed into my body immediately, whispering "I'm sorry" over and over again until he drifted into unconsciousness. I stayed up for hours, my hand placed on his chest, feeling his slow heart beat underneath it. I couldn't let anything happen to him. I wouldn't. It was 2:15am before my eyelids got heavy and I drifted off to sleep.
I woke up only a few hours later, Harry's body still in my arms. I shifted him slowly onto the other side of the bed as I crept into his bathroom. I splashed some water on my face. Why was this happening to me? I didn't want this. Why didn't I just leave him when I saw him in the bathroom? It wasn't my responsibility and I wasn't sure if I could handle it anymore. I wiped the stray mascara out from under my eyes and quickly headed back into the room. I shut the bathroom door quietly behind me and turned around, only to see that he was awake and looking at me.

"Hey.." I whispered, mustering a smile. He smiled weakly at me, the sadness in his eyes more prominent than ever before.

"Did you sleep here?" He asked quietly. I nodded.

"I'm so sorry. I can't believe I fucked up this badly. I can't keep doing this to you.."
I closed my eyes and sighed, letting his words wash over me. I didn't know what to say, or what to do. I walked over to the bed slowly, sitting down on it before I spoke,

"Where did you get it?"
He flinched slightly at my question.

"Nadine. She came over and.. yeah she left it for me"
I hummed in response, just the mention of her name pissed me off.

"I'm sorry.." He whispered again, not able to meet my eye, "please don't leave. Everyone always leaves.."
I fought back the tears welling in my eyes as I spoke,

"You need help. I'm not sure I'm qualified to give it to you.. I can't do this. I was happy to be your friend and help you out if you needed it but this is too much." One of the tears I'd been holding back fell slowly down my cheek.

"I knew this would happen. I knew you'd get caught up in my fame. You got what you wanted, you fucked Liam. You can claim it now and you can leave." His words cut through me like a knife.

"What?" I spat at him.

"You know exactly what I'm talking about. You got to live the high life for a while. You used me to get into this world."

"What the fuck is wrong with you.." I couldn't help but raise my voice, "You were half dying and I helped you. Any decent human would have done the same! How fucking dare you.."

"You're just like all the rest of them" he spat.

"Fuck. You." I breathed, reaching to grab my bag and leave the room.

"Yeah good, maybe go to Liam's hey?" He yelled as I approached his bedroom door.

"What the fuck does Liam have to do with any of this?!"

"He's my best mate and you fucked him!"

"SO FUCKING WHAT? You and I aren't together. There is nothing between us so I don't see why it fucking matters?"

"You're such a bitch." he muttered under his breath.

"And you're a fucking psycho."

"Get out. Just leave."
I gave him a filthy look before storming out of his bedroom and down the stairs. I slammed his front door hard as I made my way down his drive way. I was angrier than I had ever been. I flagged down a taxi and hopped inside, reciting my address to the driver as he took me home. Collapsing on my bed when I got inside, I pulled out my laptop and started to search flight details; 'London to Melbourne'. I couldn't do this anymore

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