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"Cause I'll never let you leave, never let you breathe. Cause if you're looking for heaven, baby it sure as hell ain't me"

Harry's POV.

What the fuck was going on? Why was I so fucking mad? I know she fucked Liam, a blind man could have seen that they were lying through their teeth. Why did it upset me? She wasn't mine. We were just friends. I'd taken Nadine home anyway and gotten a root out of it. I couldn't understand why the thought of her and Liam bothered me so much. I gripped the steering wheel until my knuckles went white, speeding down the street on my way to the restaurant. I pulled into a car park, trying my best to ignore the paparazzi shoving cameras in my face. I walked into the restaurant and saw Liam sitting at a booth, Niall sat across from him laughing hysterically at something that probably wasn't that funny. I was in a foul mood but I tried to hide it as I sat down next to my Irish friend and slung an arm around his shoulder.

"Lads." I said, nodding at the two of them, grabbing the drinks menu and ordering a coffee from the waiter who had approached our table. The other boys ordered the same and we sat for a moment before Niall spoke,

"So Payno, who was that girl you left with last night? Saw the two of you dancing. Looked pretty intense!" Great timing Niall, you twat.
A thick silence crept over the table. Liam's eyes flickered to me quickly before he responded,

"No one, just one of Harry's friends bro, she was wasted so I took her back to mine so she didn't have to get a cab."

"I know you fucked her mate, I don't know why you're trying to keep it a secret." I spat. Both boys falling silent as Liam eyed me.

"I wasn't trying to keep it a secret, I just didn't know if you wanted to hear that two of your friends got together." His voice was calm as usual.

"I don't care though? We're friends and I just don't understand why you'd bother lying to me." I was trying hard to keep the anger inside me as I looked at him. The waiter came and put our coffees down in front of us. I drank half of mine in one gulp, letting the heat wash down my throat.

"I'm sorry man, I shouldn't have lied. There's nothing going on between you two is there? You know I would never do that to you." He tilted his head to look at me awaiting my response before Niall cut in,

"Nah, Harry took that blonde bird home last night."
He nudged my side and I rolled my eyes at him. It was always impossible to be angry at Niall.

"No, there's nothing going on between us. I swear to you, we're just friends. She thinks I'm a fuck up anyway.." I trailed off. The rest of the lunch went by in a blur, she was all I could think about. I listened to the boys talking and put my two cents in whenever I could, but by the time I'd finished eating I wanted nothing more than to get the hell out of there. I paid the bill, leaving a generous tip and walking out the front door. I stopped for pictures with a few fans, who all told me how amazing I was and how much they loved me, which picked up my mood a bit but by the time I got in my car I was just ready to climb into bed and sleep for the next 24 hours. I got home and kicked off my shoes, pulling my phone out of my pocket and checking it for the first time that afternoon.
I had five messages. Two from my mum, one from Gemma, one from Nadine and one from Izi. I opened Izi's first, anxious about what I was going to read;

I know this morning was fucked up and I feel bad for lying to you but I slept with Liam. We were both drunk and it just happened. I don't really know why I'm sorry, but I am x x x

I clenched my jaw as I read it over and over. I didn't even bother replying, I just opened Nadine's message and without reading it texted her to come over. She replied straight away, saying she'd be around in 10. She was so desperate, but I didn't care. I needed to take my frustration out on something.
When she knocked on the door I pulled her inside, not bothering to even say hello as I kissed her. I lifted her up and carried her to my bedroom. I didn't waste time as I bent her over the end of my bed, undoing my belt and pounding into her from behind. She was so loud, but her moans were fake and squeaky. I felt sort of bad for not taking care of her but I wiped away my inhibitions until I was giving her a few more sloppy thrusts, pulling out and cumming all over her back. I moved away from her and lay on the bed, chucking her the box of tissues that sat on my bedside table. She cleaned herself up and came and lay with me, her head on my chest as she pulled my arm around her. It was strictly physical for me, but I'm not sure if it was for her. We lay there for a while before she got up and reached into her bag, pulling out a tiny bag of white powder.

"Want some?" she questioned, pouring a little bit onto the coffee table that sat in the corner of my room. She shaped it into a thin line before she looked up at me, raising her eyebrows and urging me to answer her question. I wanted to say no, but I felt like shit. I agreed and she smiled happily, doing this annoying little squeal that I had to ignore. I pulled a £20 note out of my wallet and rolled it into a tube, handing it to her as she snorted the cocaine up her nose. Shaking her head quickly afterwards and running the back of her hand against her nostril. She handed me the money and I snorted my own line, breathing in deeply afterwards, letting the drug wash over me.

"Alright, I have a casting. I'll see you tomorrow?" She said, leaning over to plant a kiss on my lips.

"Mmhm" I said, giving her a fake smile.

"Keep the coke." she said, gesturing to the small packet still lying on the table as she walked out the door. I heard the front door click shut and I rested my head in my hands for a moment.

'Fuck it' I thought, fashioning another line on the coffee table and snorting the white substance. By the time a few hours passed, I'd taken the whole bag. My entire body was numb and I could barely see. I lay on my bedroom floor staring at the ceiling. Panic washed over me when I thought about her. She'd be so disappointed in me. I reached into my pocket, pulled my phone out and texted her..

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